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UNi Students 4.5 month booking 33K no refs, WOULD YOU TAKE IT?


I have just had an enquiry from a Uni Student , 22 years old on exchange from Buenos Aires who wants to rent my house with 3 friends. My place is two bedroom (with queen size beds) full of art and designer furniture etc https://www.airbnb.com.au/rooms/9900707 The total rental comes to 33K which is significant. Particularly as Summer is winding up. BUT, he has NO references yet and 22 plus Uni student … Obviously I’ll write back and make sure they realise it ISN"T a party house etc…. QUESTION IS … would YOU do it… #iamscared :wink:


Probably not sounds to good to be true.


I know right? but with monthly discount , between 4 people, it would only be $60 each per night (cheaper than a backpackers) just the words “Uni Students” scares the hell out of me… I’ve asked him for more info as he only has a one name profile… (MORE RED FLAGS) … stay tuned… I’ll keep you posted :wink:


absolutely not - not even a chance. You are asking for trouble. NO.


a one name profile.

Can you explain what this means (I’m new obviously)


The only way I would accept this reservation would be if you had all your ducks in a row.

Think of EVERY house rule you have and make sure it is spelt out clearly to them. This means things like no giving out the address to have packages sent there, no one who is not on the reservation is allowed in the house etc.

Tell them they are responsible for keeping your place clean and tidy or you can hire a cleaner and change them an additional cost.

Also make it known that you will be dropping by unannounced to check in on things from time to time and clearly express that you have concerns about the reservation, age of the guests and be upfront about your worries.


Dont do it- they may not even be students. I think its past time too airbab gave receipt numbers for hone calls
They make money and they should be asking all guests for police checks!

They are putting everybody at risk.

NO dont do it how do you know they are not even terrorists .- you dont because this company doesnt feel they should ask for police checks.

We know because we had death treats and they refuse to talk to us- three weeks now.

DO not take these people is my strong advise.


Sorry about the typos i get so mad .


I have this from now and then. They are not going to pay you this much. They will negotiate and it will be 1/3 of what you want


I was in Buenos Aires recently. I stayed at an Airbnb that housed a lot of young people, some of them from Argentina and some from Brazil. They were respectful and even though they were out partying in the evening, they came back in quietly and did not disturb the rest of us. Could you remove some of your nicer pieces from the place? I would have a talk with them about your concerns…they may be just fine.


I would increase the security deposit, ask for full names to check all of them out on social media, and request some documentation of their univ admission. You will have a hard time insisting that they have no guests over although it’s totally reasonable if you state that they cannot host parties. (But it’s a great apt with a nice view so it will likely be the best apt to hang out at in the circle of friends they cultivate).

If all your MCM pieces are replaceable, I would consider if the security deposit is high enough to cover. It would be good to communicate with them that this isn’t a standard 5 month university rental – rather, that this is your personal space, the apt is nicely appointed, and that it would require careful and conscientious guests to properly maintain the space. They may actually opt-out if they feel this is inconsistent with what they had in mind. If they can come up with 33k upfront, finances don’t sound like an issue – a large security deposit shouldn’t scare them off.

I would consider replacing some of your pieces with inexpensive furniture from craigslist or Ikea for those 5 months. If you’re really emotionally attached to the space, you might just say no to save yourself the stress.


Is this a place you will share with them or is it self-contained…I assumed it was self-contained.


Thanks for all your input… I asked for full name and names of other guests etc… and a link to social media and reinforced parties were against house rules etc…. NEVER heard back … Ce La Vie… as a newbie host I’m learning to define my rentals by feeling comfortable using the decline button… and, as many here have said before… there are always more rentals around the corner… If I DO hear back I’ll let you know :slight_smile: Cheers again for all your wisdom x


What a great view ! I just had a couple of 23 yr old Parisians stay with me in L.A. He was a musician and she was a video director. I was expecting the worse…when in fact, they were fantastic. My space has a lot of mid century furniture and art etc. It was left as it was found.
I’ve only been doing this since September so i’m learning…and taking a few chances to get my reviews in. So i might not be the best advisor. What are the students studying ? Theology :wink: ?


Well that just says something doesn’t it…

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