Unhappy neighbors

@HalonaSedona Any update? Please share.

No positive updates. The one home owner continues to post on social media. He has moved on into Next Door. Although his post seemed to have back fired as most of the comments are in awe of how much we are asking per night/monthly. lol. If anything, this could sprout MORE short term rentals.

It’s still super annoying to watch people put up their “professional” real estate advice and twisted views. We don’t engage in it simply a spectator.


We definitley have used tremendous restrain not to comment or engage at all. We know this is what he wants and is a trap for all the reasons you mentioned above. We actually still live in our home part time when we are in town which makes for his argument even more rediculous. His posts are being derailed by other neighbors awe struck in how much we are collecting and is probably giving them encorugement to go ahead and try doing short term rental if anything! This one loud neighbor also is retired and sits home all day which means he has far more time to invest into his little agenda. We are busy with our full time jobs, renovating another home, raising our kids and running our Airbnb’s. This neighbor is simply a fly that wont buzz off at this point.


Everyone everywhere thinks they can “do my research” anywhere, on any topic and be an expert. At least you know it’s systemic and you aren’t being targeted for a very specific reason.

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The trend is definitely changing against AirBnb, some municipalities who decided they needed to look into this 5-7 years ago and decided it needed to be regulated are now coming back around for a second round and introducing harsher and more restrictive measures. I only see it becoming more and more restrictive and there is a growing wave of awareness and activism against AirBnb with a NIMBY mentality.

While your neighbors right now are just speaking out on social media, they could turn ugly quickly with reporting anything no matter how minor to police and creating much more out of this than they are today. There are a lot of ways to make your life miserable that they could employ with little effort.

I would start arming yourself with information, search google about the backlash against Airbnbs, and get ahead of the curve in regard to what the issues are and what the strategies are being used so you can see what’s coming and not get blind-sided.

If you know of others doing STR in your neighborhood now would be a good time to introduce yourself and get to know each other as you may be waged in a common fight sooner or later. You said your city right now doesn’t have any requirements for STR, that is probably only going to last so long before it comes up for some new proposals and regulations, and people like your neighbors are the ones who will drive this.

For your reading pleasure:

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This cyber-bullying and it’s illegal. I’d recommenda Cease and Desist letter. It would not cost much to get one from a lawyer, it’s straight-forward and would certainly be worth the small investment. Show the guy you’re not fooling around.