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Unfair refund from resolution guy

Right, I can’t get into Leilani but I can go down to Opihikao. My mother-in-law’s place is in Kahena so we can go past Leilani over the steam vent metal plates.

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I think the resolution center have hired many speak mandarine people and this company want them do it at this way, they mostly not listen to the host. I had few case handled by them before and all refunded to guests at unfair way

Why do you keep dragging up old posts @HAVY1994 and making inappropriate remarks based on where you believe Airbnb customer services staff are from @HAVY1994 ?

There isn’t such a thing as ‘Mandarine’ people. People who speak Mandarin as their first language are Chinese.

Many Airbnb customers services are based in the Philippines where Filipino and English are the official languages.


It would probably be easier for us to understand you if you wrote in your native language and used Google translate to English.

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Try delete Deleted Mandarine and chin***

Seems you are too sensitive about the word of ‘*’’ But they may not ch, In my cases, all refund are made by them, I’m telling something happened coincidence

And about language, you are very good to use it attack others! Your favourite phrase ‘English is not your first language ‘ so what! No people beg you to reply them! What qualifications do you have to criticize others! obviously you don’t Respect people, and even using dirty trick to silence people who don’t support you! You are so mean! But whatever, you may not admit it!

Oh! i may got silence account again can’t reply your message, it’s my pleasure to make you so glad about this!

Continues to enjoy your self-compla****’

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