Unfair cancellation by Air bnb

Air bnb cancelled a seemingly (on my side) a reservation which had been paid for by the guests and we had “normal” conversation about their arrival. As it is in a few days I, of course, haven’t been able to fill,It. Air bnb will not expand on their reasons for the cancellation.
Did anyone have the same experience please ?

If the guest hasn’t contacted you directly about this, probably best to call Airbnb to check. It could be extenuating circumstances or a problem with the guest’s payment?

I wasn’t sure what you meant by ‘seemingly on my side’. Do you mean you got a notification from Airbnb saying that the guest said you wanted to cancel the booking? If so you should decline this, if you haven’t cancelled the booking.

Maybe they were having trouble with payment. They don’t always share that with hosts, in fact, I think they never do.


I get a message if payment has not gone through.

Before the booking, not after.