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Unauthorized Airbnb charge on MasterCard


Unauthorized Airbnb MasterCard Charge
I noticed a charge on my MasterCard as follows:
AIRBNB 14158005959 GBR
for $58.86
Foreign Currency-CNY 288.25 Exchange rate .204197
I contacted Airbnb about this and there response was:
Thanks for reporting the unauthorized and/or unrecognized charges in the amount of CN¥288.25 on your MasterCard ending in 0702.
Our records indicate a full refund was processed and you should see a credit in the amount of CN¥288.25 shortly. If you haven’t already, we suggest you work with your bank to secure your card. If you’ve already filed a dispute with your bank we kindly ask that you cancel it.
I asked for more details and they said that there were privacy issues/laws that prevented them from providing further information.
My questions is: Does Airbnb keep our MasterCard (credit card) details on file? I don’t even remember providing it to them in the registration process? What is going on?


Are you a guest? host? Did you book a room? Did you have a room you control booked? Did you cancel a booking?


If you are a guest, this is a host forum. I suggest checking with the official Airbnb community forum. We are not affiliated with Airbnb in any way.


I’m a host. I’m really not sure why they have my MasterCard number


I am a host - Have been with Airbnb since September


Sounds like fraud unrelated to your Airbnb account. I would contact the bank immediately to report the fraud. Don’t trust that there is going to be some sort of refund made!


Thanks for your response. I will notify my credit card company.
I assumed, because they said that they will refund the amount, that the error was made by Airbnb.
Still doesn’t answer my question, if it isn’t fraud, does Airbnb keep a record of host credit cards?


Do you mean if you used your card as a guest? Only Air can answer that question.
I would imagine they don’t but you never know with these online companies.


They do keep your credit card number on file if you have been a guest. You can delete your credit card from the profile… Go to Profile --> Payment Methods --> Find your card on the page and use the small REMOVE button underneath.

@Lesley. You should check there to see if they have your credit card on file.


Thanks! I just deleted mine, in case there are hackers afoot.


No. Many hosts have not used Airbnb as a guest and therefore have had no reason to give credit card information.


Do not cancel the disputed charge with the bank. What are they thinking, asking you to give up the rights and protections you have associated with a credit card dispute? What the bank will do is follow up with Airbnb to confirm the correction. Not your responsibility to keep Air’s record clean on fraudulent or erroneous charges.

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