Unable to snooze my account, help?

I recently had a very unhappy guest, she was having a bad day, we did not get along, I feel a bad review coming, and I would like to snooze my account for a while, but it will not let me. I have not written her review, and I don’t want drama. So I thought about taking a break and snoozing my account, but it just locks up after the done button appears, is ABB doing this?

There should be no reason, other than a site glitch, for being unable to snooze. You could call or tweet for help with that, @Lesia_Null.
Snoozing it won’t make the bad review go away, though. It will still show up on your profile. I expect you are okay with that, and just don’t want to think about Airbnb for awhile, but I wanted to point that out. If you have upcoming guests booked already, you will have to honour those reservations. Again, you likely know that.
Why did you not write a review? If she was okay otherwise, and it was just a personality clash, then you could say she was clean, communicative, or whatever. If she is someone you wouldn’t wish on another host, please do warn us with a review. In any case, be honest. If it provokes further drama, you can block messages from an abusive guest.


Snoozing won’t prevent a guest’s review from posting, regardless of whether you write one. It will, however prevent anyone from seeing your listing or booking with you, so be sure that is your goal.


In your shoes, I would definitely write a review for this guest as suggested by @lawre , particularly if you fear a poor one is coming your way.

We would be able to help you more if you felt able to recount what happened during the guest’s stay with you. Perhaps you could tell us more? At the very least, we may be able to help you feel better!


I tried few days ago the same and I couldn’t also . But then tried few days later and was able to