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Tuft and Needle is offering Airbnb Super Hosts a FREE any size matress! FOR REAL!

Mine arrived and was slept on last night. First review, most amazing night’s sleep. Stayed very cool and matreess didnt sink you in at all. I wont be able to check it out myself until mid-June


We have discussed perhaps taking a photo of the mattress unfurling from its compacted state. That should prove quite entertaining!

I have a guest in right now and will have to wait until he is gone to install the new mattress!

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Sounds line a great idea. We shall get our mattress on Monday and I am sure my son will be happy to record the process.

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Apparently it may be quite like a scene from I Love Lucy…!

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Did you use a waterproof mattress cover on it?

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Ha! Probably not. We are in Europe for the summer, so who knows what our property manager did.

I don’t care for foam mattresses, either, and our guests RAVE about our new but old-fashioned low-tech mattress.

However, my second bedroom just has a futon, so, bingo - now it’s a ‘real bed’.

But thanks for the tips!!!

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I feel like this is a stupid question - but - do you need a box spring? Frame? I’m going to use mine to replace a futon in my second bedroom, and am very happy about it, thought like @konacoconutz my brain is still ‘itchy’ trying to figure it out.

Close as I can come to - as I also expected my obligation would be to tell the guests about the mattress - is that they want to ride on airbnb’s coattail and later advertise that a percentage of ‘super hosts’ with airbnb use their mattress?

@dcmooney You do not need a box spring but you may use one as noted in the description at the Tuft and Needle site. I shall be using mine on a bed frame with slats and my other foam/gel mattress is on a platform bed and our guest last night said it was her “best” night’s sleep ever and my two 20 something sons were home with 5 of their friends so this is truly a miracle since our Airbnb is the first level of our 3 level home:blush:

I purchased a bed cover from Walmart for our foam bed that is for bed bugs (I don’t have them but it looked like the best quality cover) and it provides total protection but is not crinkly or noisy. I have a Land’s End cotton mattress cover over the total (meaning like a pillow cover it goes completely around the mattress) protection mattress cover. So far everything is great.


So, maybe a simple IKEA bed frame?

Thanks, @HelenSpinelli!

They are just expecting referrals of other hosts! I asked about telling guests and he said it was appreciated but not necessary.

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My Tuft & Needle queen mattress arrived this morning…@HelenSpinelli - Thank you for the contact info! Jordan and the team at T&N are so nice…amazing customer service…took only 2 days for it to arrive in Boston. They have great ratings on Amazon too. @azreala - Thanks for sharing this great offer!

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Mine is on it’s way! I’m ordering a frame now. So happy I can replace the futon in the second room with a REAL BED!!

We got one today. Unfortunately, the FedEx guy was too lazy to put it on the covered porch. Instead, they left it in the middle of the driveway! It just happened to be one of the rainiest days in a while. We shall see tomorrow if it is soaked or if the interior is sufficiently covered in plastic.

Mine arrived too. I was here to receive it and directed it to be placed in the carport. It has to remain unopened until my current guest checks out. A photo here to show scale with a shopvac next to it. This is a Queen size. Now, I REALLY cannot wait for the guest to leave!!!


Does anyone have any ideas about how to approach other companies for similar promotions? I wouldn’t mind some Parachute or Boll & Branch sheets to go with this new mattress :wink:


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if other companies had promotions to help Airbnb hosts and their guests? Terrific idea!

To those of you who have unrolled your mattress, did it come with a card that they want you display or anything like that? Mine has to stay in the box until my current guest leaves!

do you call or is there a link? I bought one a yr ago, i would like another.I bought a high quality memory foam pad to put on top to make it softer,guest love it w the memory foam.

You are supposed to private message @azreala. I did this morning but didn’t hear back.

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