Trying to help guest book room - backfires

In the private comments, a recent guest said that I had cost her money.


She had already stayed for a couple of months and was leaving for a short business trip. I suggested that she compare the price of booking a month to booking for two weeks, leave for a few days, then coming back and book for the next two weeks or longer. My theory being that the nightly rate might be the same or less, or at least be less hassle, to book for a month rather than break up the reservation into shorter stays - plus there is the added convenience of being able to leave things in the room, rather than pack up everything and store stuff in her car at the airport.

Well, apparently, she didn’t do the comparison until later, or didn’t read the itemized prices for taxes and fees when she booked the shorter stays rather than the longer one. Now, this is a smart business woman who has been on Airbnb since 2010, and I am a fairly competent person, but I’m not sure how to figure how I am responsible and cost her more money? I’m not a travel agent, her personal assistant, or guidance counselor.

Thanks for letting me vent… It just bugs me when people don’t own their decisions and place blame on others… hopefully sending this message out to the cosmos will help it dissipate. Oh, and from now on, I am keeping my mouth shut. Last time I offer any advice or help on how to save money when booking on Airbnb, unless it is for a friend or family going to stay somewhere else…

I’m confused. You say you suggested she compare the price because you thought booking for the month would be less money, but she booked multiple short stays anyway, and is now blaming you because she didn’t take your advice?

Amen! There is a lot of that isn’t there?

I have recently had a couple of cash clients and one asked for four days awhile ago. I held it for them then this week they told me they only wanted two of the four. Meanwhile my weekly guest who has been scheduling around all the existing reservations could have taken this week. Long story short, I’m not getting any additional money but I am getting an additional turn around I have to do. Not a big deal as they are both overall great guests but it’s in the category of no good deed goes unpunished. I’m spoiled, I admit.

Yep! She’s blaming me, because she “didn’t see” the taxes for the short term stay. Um… it’s right there on the screen with all the other fees when you book the room, Lady! (Long term stays of 31 nights or more, don’t incur the transient tax where I live, which is why she didn’t see it when she book the room for the previous months). Nor did she compare the monthly discount to the regular nightly rate - go figure!

I hear you! That’s why I don’t hold rooms anymore. You want it, then book it. That’s the only way to guarantee your stay at my house. I had a medical student that stayed with me on and off for about a year (probably added up to 6-months in total). Nice guy, but had a bit of a “silver spoon in his mouth” air about him. Every time he left, he would say, “Save the room for me…” to which I promptly replied, “book the room if you want it!”

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