Tryiing to remove a review

Hello, this is my first time that I’m trying to get an unfair review removed. I got this answer:

Airbnb Support

1:17 PM

“Hi Mirta,I can remove the review but unfortunately although I would like to remove the star rating from your guest it is not an option on the Airbnb system.”

Is this really true? because in that case I will prefer to kept it in place, because the written review tells more about the guest that the place itself.
I would like to know if someone got the score removed as well, so I will need to insist on that.
Thank you.

I have had them stop a guest from reviewing. But this is where communication Airbnb comes into place. I called Airbnb she complain about the guests and all their craziness. I then call Airbnb at checkout unless you know about the review I would be leaving and all the damages. When I then sent a copy of the texts of the guests saying everything was great and I loved it so when I send them the damage fees and they try to give me a bad review Airbnb stopped it from happening. after you version of you them and they’ve already of you you there really isn’t any way for Airbnb to get involved.

Yes @diacohost, I involved airbnb during the reservation, just to be covered about this bad guest, after that they made a refund request that was denied by airbnb and the case was locked, but they did not give me the option that the guest did not review, they just said that in the event that he did and was bad, I would contact them again, but now apparently the score can not be eliminated.

Most members on this issue have reported that the stars are not removed but some have reported that they were. I’m sorry I can’t recall who says their stars were removed, if I could I would tag them.

Thank you @KKC, maybe someone else who reads the post can give that information, I think airbnb can do what they want, because in this case the first person who attended me, directly dismiss the refund request, without going through the protocol of resolution center , I did not have to do anything, neither answer nor argue, she just went over the protocol and closed it.

@KKC, I have found that @Poppy, said that the stars also vanished at: Remove review, do the stars go away?

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I’m really curious how you convinced them to remove a review, as I’ve had no luck with getting one of mine reviewed. Would you mind sharing what the review said, or why it needs to be removed?

I am curious as well!

I didnt get my stars removed for a guest who obviously didn’t know what the hell he was doing and made no sense. I was told computer says no.

I have had two reviews removed and the stars were removed at the same time.

First was a damage/host guarantee case and clearly retailatory. The case manager said they couldn’t do anything about the review so I contacted ABB thru Twitter and FB and got someone else who took the review and stars down immediately.

Second was a wacko situation that I called to discuss because the guest was being completely untruthful. I was told they couldn’t remove or change anything. Then I got a msg a short time later that said the review and stars were coming down.

Both times, my review of the guest was left up.

I hear other experiences, and maybe I have been fortunate, but in both cases I was able to show that the instances were either retailatory (1st) or just plain untrue (2nd - it helped that two guests after the lying guest backed me up).

Good luck!

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We had stars removed along with a review that violated TOS.

However, getting a review removed is a crap shoot the aforementioned one was borderline and it was removed. I just asked for another one to be removed where I was called ‘unethical’ by guests who cancelled and didn’t get their money back, and Air BNB would not remove it.

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I had an untrue review and it’s accompanying 1 star review by a fellow Host removed. She checked in but didn’t stay and didn’t tell me she left until she checked into a hotel, meanwhile I was waiting for her to come out of her room to show her the horses at the barn. The review even said that she didn’t stay but went and got a hotel instead. Airbnb took it down saying they couldn’t review me if they didn’t stay. We all know that policy changes back and forth all the time.