Trust your fellow hosts of their bad reviews for guests!

Suppose the Host lives in the ‘complex.’ They still won’t know instantly or here, within a few days, what the guest did in the shared public space, right?

Premises could be a six floor apartment complex, a sixty- floor complex, a three acre HOA. What is ‘on premises’? Even a three-floor complex with two different entrances or three floors could prevent an on-site Host know what’s going on real time 24/7 (especially if the Host has a life outside of being a Host).

What is an ‘on-the-spot’ co-Host? If they live 100 yards away they won’t know what happened in that hallway. They could live two floors away and not know.

I’m all for Host responsibility. But at some point when a guest flouts a clearly stated rule we must blame the guest, not the Host. Let’s not blame the victim, which includes here the Host and the neighbors.

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Neither an off-site host nor co-host is going to be watching the guests 24/7. It’s totally understandable that something like “loud in the public hallways” would not be something the host or co-host would be aware of unless a neighbor complained during the stay. A neighbor might only say something when they see the host arriving to clean or assess the state of the place after the guests have checked out- “Man, those guests you had were so loud.” Not all neighbors are the type of people to get irate and call a host because the guests are noisy, especially if they know and like the host, but that doesn’t mean they might not mention it afterwards.

My neighbor right across the street hosts an open-air casita, and a few of her guests’ amorous adventures can be heard loud and clear. I just ignore it or put in earplugs. But I have said to her, “I saw your guests left today- it’ll be a relief not to have to listen to what sounded like a porno movie every morning, afternoon and night”. We actually laughed about it, as she said she’d be having dinner with her 20 year old son, who lives with her, and they’d roll their eyes and go, “Oh, sounds like they’re going at it again. What’s that- third time today?”.

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I used to have a doorbell camera but was off because it ran out of batteries and I couldn’t find the key to open the box… I know there are a lot rooms for me to improve as a host. Big thanks to everyone here.


I do look at every guests reviews if they have them @Amy_nyma @muddy . Ratings I’m not so worried about.

A recent negative review is definitely a red flag for and if I wanted to consider a guest I would ask them about it.

If I agree to take them I make sure they confirm in writing that they will ensure they will for example clean all dishes and put them away prior to check out.

I would say CCTV for remote hosts is a must. Obviously you don’t proactively look at 24 hour coverage @HostAirbnbVRBO . But sensible hosts check on the guests planned arrival and departure time . And if you’re concerned about parties look from early evening for signs a party is being set up.


Not so, an unwarranted assumption. This Host had limited access to video footage, not me.

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Hey, I’ve been reading this forum for ages but have never felt the need to contribute before but the advice here about host’s reviews have irked me for a long time so I’ve finally signed up!

Don’t write negative reviews, if the guest isn’t good just make a generic statement i.e thanks for staying.

Nige just sayin’.

So how does a host protect their listing and business because you leave a generic review?
You accept a stay from a completely crap guest because of a generic review…… really?


If you write a bad review the guest just opens a new account, very few people are so stupid to use an account with a bad review. You can have unlimited Airbnb accounts. There are more guests with “no reviews” than there are those with reviews.

That’s so unfair! Our hosts cannot easily open an new account to avoid unfair reviews, but bad guests can do whatever they want and even erase their criminal traces!
Maybe you are right, we leave a generic review but be 1000% sure to check the ‘Never host this guest again!’ box to warn our fellow hosts.


There are plenty of hosts with multiple accounts too, same thing works, open a new account and start again.

Nige just sayin’.


If a Host starts a new account they need to start all over – that is, they lose their good reviews along with the bad ones. Few would do this and I wonder whether the platform would catch up with such a Host.

Do you ‘know’ this or are just guessing?

Whatever the case, the review system is there to protect guests and Hosts. It is not at all perfect. But I am surprised that you recommend that a Host do anything other than leave an honest and accurate review.

Can a guest circumvent it by starting a new account? Sure. But I don’t see what the Host can do other than to follow the system in the spirit in which it is created.

Why does the advice to Hosts that they leave honest reviews ‘irk’ you? You apparently feel that this is ineffective, but why does it ‘irk’ you?

I don’t understand why you would recommend other than giving accurate reviews. Even if a ‘bad review’ is circumvented at least the guest will need to go to the trouble of starting a new account or using an account of spouse or other.

A Host does not wish to leave a ‘bad review’ just an honest and accurate one that helps future Hosts evaluate whether they should accept the guest.


Yes I have seen many hosts with multiple listing

Sorry trying to work out how to reply each point??

Come on you can be smarter than this! Out smart the guest

? Why would I lose all my good reviews just to lose one ‘bad review’ from a guest?

How would you ‘outsmart’ the guest?


Because hosts know how the system works, the guest doesn’t, we hosts have the upper hand/knowledge. Use it to our advantage.

Nige just sayin’.

Can you please share how to out smart the tricky guests other than giving an honest review?


I’m not suggesting you open a new account because you received one bad review.

This is what “irks me” you all write about how to be honest in your review as a host but how many of you have reviews as being a guest?

I did, I had been an Airbnb guest many times before becoming a host myself. I never gave any reviews less than 5*. Maybe I was very lucky only being hosted by great hosts; or maybe I am a sympathetic person who understands how hard it is to build a small business. Or I acknowledge the differences between Airbnb and 5* hotels. :slightly_smiling_face: I would send private messages to my hosts if there is anything absolutely needed to be pointed out. But so far, I only had to tell them how great they are in private message.