Trip advisor question

Hi , I had received my first inquiry off of the trip advisor platform in 4 months. I responded right away, the guest had some questions about dates, we responded back and forth about 4 times, guest actually tried to alter her dates and the site did not let her. I did not hit decline or accept because the dates were unsure. So sure enough I received an email stating that my listing will be down in the rankings because I didn’t decline or accept. This is hardly life changing as this is my first booking request through the site so Im not really too worried, so far booking and airbnb are working out well, just disappointed. Has anyone else had this happen?

Never had a successful booking through TA - their fees are utterly insane!

The very few bookings I had from TA were, in the main, quite unpleasant people for some odd reason. Then I had nothing for two years, and forgot about the listing until last Summer, when Brits were allowed to staycation. As a B&B, I couldn’t have guests, and TA removed my listing after I declined someone who persistently didn’t understand this .

Me neither. Eventually took us offline, but considering going back on. Will see how bookings go once the vaccination programs are a bit more advanced and decide then.