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Tried and Recommended Products for Airbnb Hosts


Create a suggested itinerary for your guest during their stay on pebblar!

and when you are done, you can send them in link or pdf so they can use when they are travelling!


A different Topic discussion inspired me to post some IKEA finds that have worked well in my guest house.

Frame, Plant & Pot, Floating Double Shelf
Plants and Planters (the one pictured thrives on less water, and is supposedly good for cleaning the air)

Mirror, Ironing Board, Hangers

Sugar Dispenser, Coffee Canister, Milk Jug, Glass tray

Bath Matts

Metal Shelf

Picture Frames (to showcase photography)

Full Length Mirror

Ironing Board


Coffee Canister

Sugar Dispenser

Milk Jug


Of course Glocalzone! I tried more than 15 times and I earned lots of money.

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