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Tried and Recommended Products for Airbnb Hosts


E-cloths are cheaper and do just as well, from my research. I had a friend invite me to one of those ubiquitous multi-level marketing “parties” to sell me some norwex for substantial $$$, so I was motivated to do some digging. The silver in Norwex hasn’t been demonstrated to make them more effective. Both cloths pick up bacteria and do not transfer it back to surfaces readily, and neither kills the germs once on the cloths. Again, I cite my fav cleaning product advisor, biologist-mom at http://www.stopthestomachflu.com/norwex-cloth-independent-testing#TOC-DO-NORWEX-CLOTHS-KILL-BACTERIA-2


I had a friend go from Amway to Norwex! No thanks to both. And now I get her emails suggesting I buy Norwex cloths for stocking stuffers. :joy:

Must have a following though because people keep signing up!


Multi-level marketing. Been there. No thanks. Many products are good and worth a try but most can be found of the same quality elsewhere, IMO.


I recently installed a bidet attachment for my toilet and honestly, I’m in love with the product and highly recommend it! It feels like I’ve upgraded my whole bathroom and I get a lot of internationals who enjoy it as well. For the longest time I’ve been trying to find the right bidet attachment because using wipes kinda sucks - it just not effective or sustainable. I guess it was from all the research I was doing on bidets that I finally came across an ad on Instagram for Tushy. I try my best to stay away from tools & anything to do with assembling stuff, but the installation was actually very straight-forward and took less than 15 minutes. It was cheaper than expected - way less expensive than anything I was finding at Costco or Home Depot. I also think it’s an easy way to differentiate your rental into something more spa-like. If you’re looking for it make sure to check out hellotushy.com (not tushy- nsfw).


I provide wipes, but due to plumbing in this house they cannot be flushed. Big house rule, nothing flushed but TP, plus you’re right, wipes are not sustainable. Do you find that bidet/bidet users make a big mess with this? I can imagine water and XXXX getting sprayed everywhere by careless users of the bidet. What’s your experience?


I recently started using Norwex products and it cuts down on my cleaning time and the number of products I have to use/buy! Norwex Microfiber cleans with nothing but water. These household products use enzymes for their incredible cleaning power, instead of harsh chemicals like chlorine, ammonia, and phosphates. It took me a while to give up some of the trusty cleaning products I have used for over 20 years, but I am so happy I did! Environmentally friendly, less time to clean and saves money. Win win win in the airbnb turnover world!


Here is a water damage and mold prevention kit. It includes a commercial dehumidifier, air movers and air scrubber.



A couple of products I like, because I am allergic to perfumes:

Unscented body wash, shampoo, and foaming liquid hand soap from Bunny’s Bath of Port Townsend, WA mean that I don’t have to deal with half-used tiny bars of soap or tiny shampoo bottles.

I’m allergic to floral scents but have no problem with citrus scents, so I use the absolute best odor killing spray, LemonMate from CitrusMate Products in Eugene, Oregon. You can usually find it at health food stores. Amazon sells it but won’t ship it to Alaska. I also use LemonMate to freshen up my limousine before every ride pickup. One quick spray kills smoke odors, farts, and even baby diaper odor.


So, I actually posted a small instructions sheet near the toilet to make sure that guests understand how to use the bidet properly - it has worked excellently! I’ve never experienced any mess with the bidet water or anything. However, there was one time when a guests’ kid turned it on and a bit of water got all over the floor but, the water is just as clean as sink water so it was super easy to clean up.


Hello everyone,

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This is my first post on this website. Newbie to Air and just getting my little ‘inn’ ready for business. After reading some of these posts, my excitement has turned to fright. Horrible guests, people who are pigs. I guess I think the majority of people are like me who clean up after myself when I leave a location. Thanks for the info on this post. I really like the luggage stand and hamper.


What kind of listing are you going to have?

One thing you must understand: most stays go just fine. People don’t go on forums to say “nothing happened.” They look for us when things go wrong. I’ve had almost 500 different guests and zero serious problems over the last 4 years.


Thanks for the reply. I am just learning the process and was reading posts about not so great guests. You are right, this platform is to discuss and get help for the problem guests. I’ll take a chill pill and keep reading.


@Health-Nut I just want to reiterate what @K9KarmaCasa has said. Truly, 99.9% of guest stays are trouble-free. If you’re lucky, that 0.1% might give you a great story to tell here rather than a headache :slight_smile:

However, it’s still a good idea to read up as much as you can before you launch. Also, spend some time deciding just how you will react if you get less-than-perfect guests. Be firm with them, give them a great stay and you’ll be fine.


Hi, I use natural products, including an old sock with a dryer ball inside. I put vinegar and essential oils on it for drying and a nice smell. The same oils I have in sprayers with epsom salts to keep them separated and spray it around for my ‘signature scent’. But I also love using wipes - flushable antibacterial for toilets, mutipurpose for both glass and wood. Outside windows get newspaper and vinegar. Belfast sink I use baking soda. Used dish sponges (very small cheap ones) I use in the bathtub. Latest thing I am very happy with is my iron press (press iron?) Cuts ironing in half, at least. Those pesky fitted sheets!


One really amazing product to purchase is the Bahabox.
It will allow you to offer gifts and services to your guests without having to include it in your listing price for every guest. Most guests appreciate the convenience of getting their laundry done, local snacks, and travel accessories.


Hey! My Name is Elisa I host a few properties in the Philadelphia area but I am also the owner of Magic Hands Cleaning Services. Anyone may reply if they would like to partner up and have cleaning services. If interested let me know!


No wipes are flushable. It creates a real PITA for the sewage staff at best. Put the things in the bin!


Hi Elisa! I would like to connect with you. Thanks!


The mould that sometimes collects around the bath or shower rims, that type that no matter how much scrubbing it just won’t go, can be so easily got rid off with HG Mould Remover Foam Spray.

I had a cleaner and manager for my airbnb listing and I was absolutely horrified when a guest reported it was a problem! Why did my cleaner manager not report this to me? It is so easily solved with this product.

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