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Tried and Recommended Products for Airbnb Hosts


Lots of helpful suggestions in here. Thank you!


We get stuff at Costco. And like buying from local crafts people … soaps, candles gift baskets with local jams and such. We buy hotel sheets and towels and other commercial hospitality items from VRSUPPLIES.ca


I use plain old fashioned eucalyptus oil, and guests remark how lovely it smells, asking what I use to clean. As do visitors into my main house in front. Good old eucalyptus oil and soap, simple!


This is wonderful except it makes me feel like such a slacker!


I use peppermint essential oil when mopping floor, keeps bugs away


No, I feel your pain. I am an almost organic gardener and use soap and neem oil for pests outdoors. But I cannot have a jillion ants in my rental kitchen.
But ants dont live indoors…something is attracting them…get rid of that, you bring a few in on a flower…peonies who just wander around and probably die and sometimes continuous heavy rain has them seek refuge.
They cannot survive indoors.

Spraying one spot on your foundation is not going to kill an ant colony, believe me. The few you spray die and then the line following them scatter.