Tricky enquiry: the guests want a place that they could possibly extend the stay if required

Got a interesting enquiry today, the potential guests want to book 15 nights for now, but also possibly want to stay longer, so she is looking for a place that she could possibly extend the dates if required. The dates she enquired is about 1-2 months away. Personally I think it’s pretty laughable, as it put the risk entirely on the host. I either need to cancel other guests’ reservation, or lock the calendar from other reservation to be able to promise her to extend her stay. Not to mention, it will be a mom and a baby staying, so I will make the least money as there only one guest to be counted, and the potential risk with the baby is higher than grown-ups in general.

Consider the risk of squatters, although this depends on the laws where you are living.

Apart from that, just make it clear that it’s first come, first serve. If someone makes a reservation before she does, she will not be able to extend her stay. Easy as pie.


Then just decline and say that you are only able to block out space, once there is a confirmed booking which has been paid for in full for the time needed.

And that should further dates be available when she is in a position to extend, you would be happy to consider her request.


This is worded such that it makes me think you would cancel other guest’s reservations in order to accomodate this guest. Some hosts here think that’s unethical at best. In any case this sounds like a horrible reservation and you should be glad you have an easy out for not hosting her for more than 15 days.


We had a member here who had the nightmare squatter. A mom and daughter who booked and wanted to extend. Hope it’s not the same guests.

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Decline just say no


I have once booked an entire month and then asked the host if he could give me some time to decide whether I should book another month (2 months in total). He was very kind and agreed and actually blocked out his calendar for an entire week while I was considering. I evebtuslly followed through and booked 2 months. But it’s really a risk.

This is what we call an Option in finance and you don’t give them away for free. You should charge her for it, less than if she made a booking but definitely not free. Also if you give her the option for free she might wait until the last minute to tell you whether she plans to stay or not. For silly requests like this I give them the nice but meaningless answer: “of course you can extend your trip provided another guest has not booked already”.

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