Trick to drying fitted sheets?

Does anyone know a way to prevent fitted sheets from twisting up or balling around the rest of the laundry in the dryer?

Only thing that has worked from me is to not dry smaller items with the fitted sheets. Doesn’t stop the twisting but I no longer find three washcloths and a hand towel embedded [and wet] inside the sheet. Not the answer you wanted I don’t think.

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3 tennis balls added to dryer seems to help. While less likely since they bounce around, they too will sometimes end up trapped in the sheet.

I dry my linens outside on a clothesline and then pop them into the dryer with wool dryer balls to soften and get wrinkles out. When I do have to drying entirely inside the balls get caught in the sheet but not much else.

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I fold my sheets (not neatly folded, just folded three or four times) before loading the dryer and it seems to help :slight_smile:

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Also, make sure you individually shake things out as you’re taking them from the washer to the dryer.

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Sacrificing a black chicken by the dark of the moon works for me…


Robert Dudley has changed his mind, regarding tumble drying tips.

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Hopefully, it’s not the only thing he’s changed his mind about since 2016!


Sticking two cheap polyester filled pillows inside keeps them from balling up.