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Transfer your Airbnb ratings to VRBO?

This article is behind a paywall so unless you subscribe to Wall Street Journal you can only see part. I attached it as my source.

This jumped out-

“Vrbo in March launched Fast Start, a program that allows hosts who have Airbnb experience to transfer their Airbnb ratings to Vrbo. Vrbo said it has acquired thousands of hosts through the program, though it declined to specify the exact number.”

Has anyone done this?

Is it beneficial when you are operating on both platforms?


I signed onto VRBO a couple months ago (separate rental space part of my house).
Never saw anything about transferring your ratings to VRBO.
Not much activity, one booking that was cancelled a couple days later, then an inquiry a few days ago wanting to book for 2 weeks. On Air I want guests from 2-7 days.
VRBO has no way to limit the amount of time someone can book. So, between not being able to set a limit and getting zero information about who the guest is, I took my listing off.
It’s one thing to be a hotel and not know who’s coming but for your own property and there are zero clues made me really uncomfortable.


I am pretty sure the TOS will not allow you to put your reviews on other sites, even your own…

I read this once, stuff changes so idk


Early on with this gig, I signed up with houfy.com. A no-fee STR site.

Their set up imported ALL of my Air content, including reviews.

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How many bookings did you get from them? @Skai

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I follow the Houfy Facebook group. It’s a kind of fun group. People post when they get their first Houfy bookings, ask questions & give feedback on what they like & wish were different about the Houfy site. The Houfy team monitors the group & makes system enhancements based on their feedback

Soon I would like to see them do advertising to pull in more customers. They missed the 2021 vacation boom but 2022 could be as big. (I know Delta variant—I’m being hopeful)

What does this mean? Isn’t it based on the individual members boosting it through networking? They don’t have an ad budget and as it is Thijis pays out of pocket to keep the website up. In other words, if it missed the boom that means the vacation rental owners missed it?

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Yes Houfy’s market awareness for people booking vacations is poor. Based upon my limited sampling of friends not many people have heard of it. (Actually no one)

I snooped local listings (competition) and there are a surprising number of properties listed. Most were booked but I don’t know if Houfy or another platform

Everyone has heard of VRBO & Airbnb. Houfy has a ways to go for name recognition & people to think of searching there

While they don’t have an advertising budget, I think the lack of recognition is holding them back

No doubt. I’ve heard of it and I never think to look there when looking for a VR.

Any business is not going to be successful if it doesn’t invest in marketing.

Any of the advocates I have seen on here and elsewhere raving about it always refuse to say how many bookings they have from it … funny that :grin::grin::grin:


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