Trans guest advice

I am gay and buried deep in my rules it says I am “LGBT gay friendly”. I don’t say I am gay anywhere (and nowhere close to the usual gay hot spots) but included that to be picked up by search engines. Anyway just got my first trans woman guest and her girlfriend., Really lovely people. Turned out we are both the same age (53) and into 1970s MOR, think Hall&Oates. She had actually said before booking “I am tg I hope that is okay?” which broke my heart a little that she had to ask. Any thoughts of other (woke only) people with trans guests?


Just make sure not to misgender them and treat them as you would any other guest! I’m still a newbie host, but that’s what I would do.


funnily enough because Fiona booked under her male alias, Mark, I originally assumed she was a trans man. In the end I just steered clear of any conversation about gender or sexuality though had told her I was gay before they turned up. In the review I said “They were great guests etc” whereas normally I would say “Fiona and her partner were great guests” as they were newbies and I didn’t want to out her and the account is in the name of “Mark”. Is that okay?

Also Wanda Starshine. Awesome name. One of my chickens is called Wanda but from now on I am going to call her Wanda Starshine. :slight_smile:


id just say welcome )…a hard journey for trans

I would think that is okay.

Awe! I’m flattered! :blush:


Thanks. Thanks and thanks (to make it up to 20 chars)

First, that statement is redundant. You don’t need to say “gay” when that’s already what one of the letters in “LGBT” stands for. Secondly, I never liked pointing that out. My wife first brought this to my attention when I was in wedding photography. Some photographers would say they are LGBT friendly. To us it’s like saying “We will accept black people as customers.” Why wouldn’t you? On my Airbnb profile, I just say that we accept folks from all walks of life. We’ve had many lesbians, gays, transsexuals stay with us, as well as blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, Asians, etc. I don’t feel the need to list everybody that we welcome to stay with us because we accept everyone.We don’t care what you are. All are welcome!


I have a picture on my listing that indicates I’m “gay friendly” but nothing in the text. I don’t think I’ve hosted any trans guests but I’ve had gay ones. The key is to treat people with dignity regardless of who they are. If someone were to tell me they were trans and ask “is it okay?” (after I died a little inside to be reminded that they have to live in a world where they think they have to ask if it’s okay to be who they are) I would certainly tell them I am lesbian and do whatever I could to put them at ease. If I wasn’t sure what to call them or how they identified then I would just ask them.

As long as discrimination continues to be a problem, and where there are public figures who are actively advocating policies that would allow discrimination, it doesn’t hurt to identify oneself as gay friendly. Race is a protected class under the law, sexuality and gender identification is not so you can’t really compare them.


I had a trans guest sheepishly ask… I welcomed her. But she nit picked in the review…on the upside, however, leaving me five stars and indicating I was trans friendly.


“LGBT gay friendly” is in there so it gets picked up by search engines if someone typed in either “lgbt friendly” or “gay friendly”. I am 53 so LGBT was the acronym back in the day and “gay friendly” was the other term people used when looking for accommodation. I personally don’t like the catch all term “queer” and wouldn’t use it myself but accept it is widely used, at least by younger people. I live in farm country so it would not necessarily be a given. I don’t look or act very gay (if that has any meaning these days) and get guests saying “the place is very tastefully decorated, did you get someone in to do it?”. Maybe I should stop wearing tracky dacks and Dr Who t-shirts? Anyway in this particular case the lady picked it because it did say “lgbt friendly” so it worked.


What about Q and I?


Wouldn’t LGBTIQ friendly be better, with the G and gay you’ve said gay twice.

All are protected in Australia

I’m in US and was addressing Mike L, also in the US, which is why I quoted him.

He explained this.

I suppose he could do better and all.

My wife is a trans woman and for her, getting the pronouns right is the most important thing. I think it is okay to ask Mark/Fiona how he/she would like to be referred to in the review. Is that possible? I’m such a Airbnb newbie I haven’t ever rented to anyone.

It also doesn’t hurt to tell someone they look nice if it is obvious they have made an effort to look nice.


You can write a review without specifically naming the person, or just use the term they have chosen to list as, can hardly complain about that.

Making a comment about somebodys appearance sounds very risky.

My aim as a host is not just to do the bare minimum so they have no cause for complaint but to hopefully make them happy and relaxed and recommend me to their friends and leave a great review.

I’ve already explained why.

Thanks for your advice.