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Towels Again and Again


Sadly, I am still looking for good towels. I have a gallery so I like brightly colored towels. Will send the Kohl towels back.


I have some towels that I’ve had in service since 2010 and besides being a bit faded, they are still in great shape. I’ve gone through tons of brands, and lately have been happy with the JC Penney towels, and they have a lot of color options. I’ve had some of these new sets for a year and none of the edges have become unraveled and they are still fluffy. I do give them a vinegar wash every few months, and use only Tide on them. This is the towel.


what does the vinegar do?


Check this article out

Vinegar and baking soda makes the towels fluffy and fresh smelling. I do this every few months.

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What type of vinegar tho? the stuff you put on your fish and chips or the white one ?


Ditto buying from JC Penny. I bought quick dry towel sets from them to get away from thick towels that took forever to dry and often had those tight panels on the ends that shrink up and gather. I buy white only, although I keep colored hand towels for variety and because I like the added spot of color in the bathroom. The waffle type towels are popular in Europe, take up less space to store, and dry off the user faster. They are on sale now!


Get black and red from Kmart to go with my decor. They start to fade after a while but never show a single stain!


I use costco ones soft still and look practically the same despite being washed over 60 times ha.


Plus they are cheap… I get the middle of the road kind bot the dirt cheap white ones


ah opps!! I brought baking powder by mistake


They really are the best. Depending on the color, they have them going for $5-7 right now. From other outlets they go for 3-5 times the price. We have a few for personal use that are 5+ years old and don’t look any different than they did at purchase.


IKEA ones hold up surprisingly well. I ordered in bulk from a company online and they were horrible quality and I received a lot of complaints. Switched back to IKEA towels and no complaints now.


I took a look at Tuesday Morning towels the other day and they looked pretty good. For me, I really do want the best. Does anyone have an opinion re Tuesday Morning towels? Marcy


For European hosts, I loooove Catherine Lansfield Zero Twist towels, they are affordable and really are the softest towels I have ever seen. They are available on Amazon.
Otherwise I also like Egyptian Cotton towels from Zara Home, but they are a bit expensive when you have to buy several sets.
I always buy white and add hydrogen peroxide in each wash to keep them extra bright.


They do closeouts on inventory overstock and previous generation stock from other stores. They usually have some good deals on pretty good quality brands, but it’s hard to tell what they will have in stock at any one time and, at least here, the products differ a good bit between stores. So, if you see a good brand at a good price, snag it. There’s just no guarantee you’ll be able to find a replacement for that item down the road.

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