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Experienced for the first time. As I have enable airbnb instant booking, I try to keep my room ready. I also have a checklist for myself. The guest gave me one hour notice to check in. The room was already prepared and I double check the room before he arrived. As this room has shared bath I keep fresh towels in guest’s room. The guest checked in and within 2-3 min he came out said there is no towel in the room. That surprised me…and i thought may be I missed it…so I gave him another fresh towel… He was a one night guest…after he checked out I went into the room to cleanup and saw two towels (used) on the floor…

What he tried to do???

I suspect he was embarrassed to ask you for an extra towel for fear of immediately seeming critical of you. At least he left them both for you to find. I leave three towels out per guest; a hand towel, bath towel and bath sheet, although most people won’t use all three, for which I am always grateful. Personally I like to use three; a bath sheet to wrap around me after showering, one to put over my shoulders whilst I dry my toes and feet with the third.


Don’t assume the worst of everyone. He probably didn’t try to do anything. He went in the room and didn’t see the towel and asked for another one. Many people have a little mental slipping of the gears so to speak. What would have been bad was if he asked for a second towel and stole one.

How long have you been hosting.

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This is such a minor thing. Whether he didn’t see the towel initially or he was trying to get an extra towel makes no difference. If he didn’t stain them, rip them or steal them, it’s time to move on. I would provide two sets of towels even to a one night guest. One towel seems kind of chintzy unless you are really renting your place dirt cheap.

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I am not thinking anything bad about him. Btw I have a particular box to keep towels in room. So there was no way I would leave towels randomly. And I am sure I did not.
I have been hosting for last 6 months.

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I give a three set towel for each guest. Perhaps giving two sets is better.

As I keep the towel set in a particular box. The bath towel was missing when I checked. Then after he left I found two bath towels (bsides the small towels) on floor. Both used. Yes, minor issue. No big deal.

He probably missed seeing the box at first. I actually thought you were going to say both towels were missing when he left!

After 7 yrs., I’m sooo jaded. … :rofl:


Hi @Arlene_Larsson,

I provide one bath towel and one hand towel per guest. I change the towels after 4 days for guests who are staying more than 4 days (relatively rare here). Is this “chintzy”? It seems reasonable to me. Do people really need more than one bath towel at the same time?

Well maybe chintzy is too strong a word. I know when I had longer hair I liked to twist my hair up in one towel and use the other one for my body. To be honest I would hope for more than one set of towels for 4 days, but I wouldn’t ding you for it in a review or anything.

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I usually provide one bath towel, one washcloth per guest. There is a hand towel in the bathroom. I have mostly one night guests. If I have a female I usually leave out a second towel. If the guests are here several days I just tell them to let me know. The couple here over Christmas had one towel each and didn’t ask for more the entire time. However it’s so dry here that towels will dry out during the day and seem fresh the next day or later the same day. What amazes me is how many guests don’t seem to use the bath towels at all, they are still neatly folded on the shelf.

Hmm. So how many towels would you like, and of what size, and how often would you like them changed? Just curious. I suppose I could say explicitly to guests that they can have more towels if they want. (I don’t have a problem with that, within reason. Towels aren’t a high maintenance item.) Currently I don’t.

Oh yeah…the “c” word would definitely apply.

I have shorter (touching the shoulder) length hair, but a full head of it and rather fine textured. I want one towel for my hair and one for the (ahem) nether-regions.

One towel would bring a rating of less than what you desire.

So, again, how many towels would you like at a time, and of what size? And how often would you like them changed?


Okay…I would like two bath-sized towels…thick or thin, doesn’t matter…up front. Ideally, I would like them changed every 3rd or 4th day, but I am more than willing to do my own wash at my own cost…no problem.

I’m easy…er, so to speak.

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So, no hand towels or towels of a size smaller than a bath towel at all?

And is more than one bath towel a girl thing? Please forgive my ignorance. Actually, I’ve had no guests comment on this, but maybe they’re all very polite. Though they do comment on other things.

I’m definitely on board with towels being important. As I said before, the Hitchhiker’s Guide can’t be wrong.


Oh no…a hand towel (or two) for a 3-night stay and a face towel would be nice for the same period of time, although I do happen to travel with an extra hand towel and my own washcloth but I’m not the norm.

For my guests, who have to stay a minimum of 4 ni., I provide 2 (3-pc sets) per person. The max is 2 persons…plus one extra 3-pc set. That is only because they have to use coin-operated laundry machines down the hall. If I had in-house machines, I would probably only provide guests with two sets ea.

PS: It is probably a “girl” thing to have two bath-size towels, but for equality, I give hubby and wife each two sets + the extra they can fight over.

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I would like two complete sets available for up to a week stay (at the least), and then changed out or the offer to change them out. Part of it is perception. I might not use the second towel…but knowing it’s there makes me feel better… :slight_smile:

So, what does your 3-pc set consist of? Bath, hand, face? Or something else?

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Ok, and what would a complete set consist of? And you’d like two complete sets even for one night?