Toronto short-term rental regulations

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I understand the City of Toronto is coming out with a report this June that will propose regulations on short term rentals. Anyone have any insight into what direction the City will be going in (i.e. licensing system; additional tax requirements; updated zoning by-laws; etc)?


They may look to Vancouver and adopt some of the practices and regulations that Vancouver has put into place to deal with this. Because of the foreign buyer tax and now Airbnb regulations in Vancouver, it seems to have driven much of the problem to TO so I imagine they’ll see how they can use Vancouver’s actions to fix these similar issues they’re now facing.

If you dont know… and you might be affected…it is imperative to get involved with govt and join any groups that are out there making an impact. They need you now.

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Hi cyn I have one Hotel in Phnom Penh I want to contact with you and jion with Airbn please me how.

Thanks Cyn! I’ll review CoV’s regulations

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Last week, Vancouver’s sister city Richmond’s city councils voted to completely ban Airbnbs without B&B License. Vancouver will finalize their regulation within February.

Even a room in someone’s house?

Thetes a lot of rhetoric swirling around this issue in the vancouver area. Spoke with a municipal licensing manager yesterday and sounds like theyre only going through with a requirement for licensing them and ensuring standards of health are maintained. Not looking to ban them

As hosts we all have vested interests in this. Here’s the latest update about the new regulations:

Unfortunately it hits people with secondary units harder than those of us who are sharing their spaces. All hosts will have to register with the city and pay a $50 fee. Airbnb Toronto has said that there’ll be more information down the line (things like how to register when it’s set up etc.).

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This article is from Dec. When did the regulations go into effect?

The decision was made in December (but I was away and am just getting caught up now). The regulations go into effect on July 1st of this year (2018)

I was asked by Airbnb to speak to Toronto City Council (in June, after a study was made by the City of Toronto) about what my concerns where around taxing etc (the hotel associations wanted private hosts to be taxed at the same tax rate as they are). Also, Airbnb will charge the tax (4%) and Airbnb will charge the guest that amount directly. Here’s more info about the tax:

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Wrong. Secondary suites and laneways are banned.