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Tools to promote Airbnb listing online outside of airbnb?


What are the best tools websites: FB groups, Instagram…independent websites to you use to promote your listing/badge?



It really depends on your target market, your listing and your location.

Have you spoken to your local tourism people about working with them to market your place?

A high end city pad in New York aimed at young professionals in the US will market itself very differently then a family seaside villa in the south of France targeting Europeans.


Agree. Southern Portugal (my location) and NYC are VERY different.


As @Helsi said, this is a question that can’t be answered simply. Of course, social media is excellent providing you have a local/tourism structure in place that has been around for several years - it’s not just something you can decide to start.

For example, if the local tourist information people follow your Twitter account they may retweet you - but do they?

Promoting your listing is best done via independent websites. It’s no good just sending people to your listing. It’s better if you get people who review your listing on their own sites. Then promote that. This is because it’s an independent, impartial viewpoint and not just you promoting your listings.

Of course, ideally you would have a travel website yourself. Promote plenty of places and accommodations and every week or so, write an article about your own place - and promote it.

Certainly you can’t repeat the same article because that would mean duplicate content but it’s easy to vary. For example, write about [your city] where to eat, [your city] sights to see, [your rental] suitable for families, [your rental] great for travellers with dogs … it’s easy to think up angles.

When you promote these (seemingly impartial) articles, you’ll find that they are shared a lot on social media. Make sure that the photographs are very shareable too.


None of them.
You should not promote your AirBnB listing but your property.

Create your own website, build a facebook page, link an instagram account.
I do not know about Twitter, that platform was nearly dead until Trump single handedly revived it. I do not know if it is worth investing a lot of energy in it

Promote your property in FB groups, and post interesting pictures with relevant tags on Instagram to get followers.


Gold advice. Will do. Sorry for later reply. Thanks Chris!

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