Tokeet vacation-stay booking company?

Among the many Facebook pop-up ads, I noticed one for the Tokeet vacation-stay booking website at:

It claims the following:

“Tokeet gets your vacation rental more bookings from Airbnb, Expedia, Booking, HomeAway, VRBO and other sites. Tokeet users see their bookings increase 25% once they start using the service. Tokeet is a complete solution that simplifies vacation rental management from enquiry to checkout. It has a reservation manager, channel manager, website builder & more. Tokeet allows you to seamlessly handle inquiries from multiple marketing channels, keep rates and calendars synced and collect payment.”

Are any of you Airbnb hosts listed on Tokeet and has it increased your bookings?

Dreadful reviews…

Ignore claims. Simple.

I think they only operate in America? I’ve never heard of them in Scandinavia but then again I block all ads so what do I know :slight_smile:

I tried to sign up for a free trial about a year ago and even that was a nightmare, I could never get signed on. Multiple requests for help fell of deaf ears, but they did spam me for months to come.