Tokeet Management Program

I keep getting ads for Tokeet, a one stop multiple provider listing management program, anyone use it?

I’ve not heard of it, but it is hard to keep up with these tools. If you trial it, please let us know how it works for you. While the forum discourages direct, fake marketing of vendors posing as users to promote their wares, we love to learn about what is out there in a non-biased discussion involving real host feedback.

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The founder of Tokeet has created a Smartbnb account. He copied down to the the name and logos of some exclusive features. :frowning:

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Maybe if your service offered different pricing packages for different type of hosts you will have less competition. I tried your product for free 2 weeks and it was convenient and smooth experience, but service charge of 15-30 euro per listing wont satisfy two types of hosts: ones who has listings under 20 euro per night as it becomes almost 10% of turnover (and your profit is like 8-15%) and ones who manage more than 6 listings as if you pay 180 euro a month you can just open a website yourself and even you are the only user there it still pays back. So no surprise people will try to duplicate it unlimited time.
Your service makes airbnb experience easier for hosts but it does not bring you more money, but actually you start making less money as you get an additional expenses.

@Phrafarang How much is your service charge? Any packages with annual fee for hosts with multiply listings?

To which service are you referring to @Ivan_Joorevic? Smartbnb offers a cheap alternative as we charge MUCH less, and only when the listing has generated a profit. $150 / month would be for 20 profitable listings on Smartbnb.


I can tell you that I use and love it and the cost is very reasonable. I also abhor piracy of intellectual property and knowing they ripped off Pierre – that’s a no-go for me.