Toiletries options for guests

I purchased a three chamber dispenser on Amazon. Hopefully, I can successfully post the link here if anyone wants to take a look. I think they have a newer model now, but this is the one I purchased. It has worked very well, and guests are always impressed with it. Actually, several have asked where they could purchase one. The only caveat is that you must take care when putting it on the shower wall. You want to make sure the tile is completely clean and dry (alcohol) so it won’t fall. Ours has been extremely sturdy and has worked flawlessly thus far.
Aviva Three Chamber Dispenser in Chrome


It’s funny you say that, I originally ordered glass bottles and then when my husband saw them he got nervous- so I went and bought amber plastic bottles instead. As we refill the bottles you don’t need to move them but after ~3 months we have no issues. If you can’t find any, let me know and I am happy to order them and send them to you- as they are flat they wouldn’t cost must extra in postage!

Wow - “older” people? Our place frequently gets people in their 60’s and 70’s, and parents in their 50’s with their adult children, and we have large bottles of body wash, shampoo and conditioner. No one has ever said anything negative about it.
Just how old does someone have to be to not want to use bodywash from a communal bottle?

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And that’s another great thing about having a wall dispenser vs. small bottles and soaps. The products are available and people use them as needed, but no one takes them for their next trip. Consequently, we find we are refilling the dispensers very infrequently.

No judgement, @brook2adks :slight_smile:

Hi @jodes

That is so nice of you to offer. I will have a look online here first. I am sure there will be something on Etsy or Amazon.

I use these also. Not a lot of guests accurately use them. But got compliments and good reviews from the guests. [quote=“Sarah_Warren, post:15, topic:14204”]
I ordered individually packaged bar soap.

I only put big bottle of body wash. How is the soap bar work out? do most guests like it?

I have the same story. I travel alot, and use to take with me all the little shampoos and soaps for my guests. Very rarely someone opens them. My experience is that guests bring their own most of the time, or use my big bottles.
But lately i dont even see them using my products.
Body wash is used more than hair products, i guess people use specific shampoo for different type of hair.
I on another hand always use what hotel provides me. I have a habit of forgetting my shampoo in a shower so i always carry with me in my luggage but if hotel provides it i would use it for sure.
Now i have a big box of hotels bathroom supplies, and i am not talking anymore with me. I tell new guests to tell meif they need anything because ii have tons of everything, but noone so far needed anything.

I do the same and it’s very rare for me to be asked for anything. I remember a guest who asked me for a larger bar of soap. They were staying for two or three nights and I had provided a small new bar of Dove - which should have lasted a week or so!

A recent guest dropped her toothbrush into the loo (I have no idea how) and asked if I had a spare, which I did. Guests like to know that they can ask if they’ve forgotten anything but it’s rare that they do.


How can a small bar of soap be used up in a few nights ? It must be me but I have to admit if I dropped my toothbrush or ran out of soap I’d buy myself more …

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Because she was brushing seating on a toilet probably :joy::joy:

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This is why these items are not in the first aid kit but in the restroom medicine cabinet in case people want to use it for other reasons.

The only reason I provide it is one of my first guests said that having bar soap was needed. Maybe 1 in 20 actually use it. And also the toiletries packs, probably 1 in 15 use them, but if I didn’t provide them then someone would complain. These are 2 things that I think are worth providing individually packed for the hygienic perceptions.

The daft thing is that the guests were out at the supermarket when they called me to ask for a larger bar of soap!

Oh, not worried about judgement. I didn’t take them, my sister did :slight_smile: The ones from my room were left in my room :slight_smile:
I usually bring my own toiletries whenever I go away.
I’m shocked at how many people do not!
Of course, I like a certain shampoos/,moisturizers that are best for my hair type, so I’m not going to rely on someone else to provide it.

I pack my toiletries when on a road trip but if flying, it’s on my “First Trip to the Store” list. (Liquids and gels under altitude pressure leaking through baggies and ruining clothes are not particularly favored by this traveler.)

Plus that, they add to the weight allowance of baggage.

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I have procurers. My Dad and Stepmom just got back from Europe. They “tested” my airbnb a while back, and were pleased to report that they collected a huge bag of hotel soaps, shampoos and lotions for me on their trip. I think they’re going after restaurant butter pats locally next . . . I’ve created a couple of 80-something year old monsters! I also expect to be inundated with plastic utensil kits soon.


It’s cute that they’re supporting you the best way they know how. :wink:

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I get mine from BnbSupply (dot) org. Sorry, I did know as a new user I couldn’t post the URL so I had to type it that way. I order 1 - 10 pack a month and that comes with 10-bar soaps, 10-body washes, 10 shampoo’s and 10 lotions for only $19.99, that’s 40 pieces total. I’ve been using them for a while and it seems to working out just great. Hope this helps.

Maybe I am the lone dissenter here - but I have never thought it appropriate to take hotel toiletries simply for the purpose of using them outside of the hotel. I use what I need, and if there is a little left over in a bottle, I’ll throw the half-empty bottle in my luggage. I know a lot of people take the toiletries every day so the hotels replenish it, but it feels like petty theft to me.

How would we feel if people took things we leave out for them for their own personal use once they leave our property? If we are not happy with our guests doing that to us, why should it be OK if it’s from a hotel instead of an AirBnB property?


You’re not a lone dessenter but taking on aged parents when they’re just trying to help is …well I wouldn’t.

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