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Toilet brush shenanigans


By the way, any US hosts with a Costco membership: until 7/29 the OXO SoftWorks 2-pack Toilet Brush Set with Replacement Heads is 14.99 in the warehouse. It’s 2 white plastic brushes with plastic canisters and two replacement heads; basically $4 each for a decent toilet brush.


Unless things have changed…pretty sure being called the “hostess with the mostess” is a compliment. Isn’t Martha Steward the hostess with the mostess? :joy:


LOL! well, thank goodness for sports bras!


Yes! just like my aunt who lives in canada. she gets incredibly good care at her assisted living facility. we pay too much for healthcare…sigh. obama tried. well, no more politics. i think if a guest left poo all over the toilet I’d ask him to clean it up! that is going too far. really. do we have to host pigs like that?


thanks! my "host/hostess/partner w power/property manager extroidenaire(sp?) has a membership. don’t think our “maid/house cleaner/ bathroom attendant” does, though…tee hee…:slight_smile:


Both my co-host and my housekeeper have a membership. The letter carrier brings me my flyer with the sales and I had just bought a set. I asked one of the stock clerks where they were because going to get a second set but they were out of them. It’s probably worth another trip.


yes, she was…lol! i never could understand how she did so many projects in her home. very creative lady.


Well…every time I feel like I out do myself with customer service…I chant that I am “the hostess with the mostess” - and I am proud of it too. Maybe this is a southern American thing :joy:


Hey…where is my badge @cmpipe? lol.


Probably on Amazon!! Lol!!! Yes, we def know it’s a “Southern thang”…ha!


Hey now…a TRUE southerner wont’ leave me hanging on looking on Amazon. A true southerner will award me a real badge…lolol. :joy: am Still waiting…


Okee dokee. Here’s one. Even better than a badge…:drum::shield:


OK…I will assume I cannot click on the icons. So intent is all good :smile:


Hold on now. You just said Okee Dokee. Are you a southerner or a Yankee? :joy: I enjoy both anyway…lol


i lay claim to both. :blush:

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