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Toilet brush shenanigans


it would be great if you could join in and offer advice to others.That’s what we’re all about here - experienced hosts helping out new people, listening to rants, comparing notes. You really should try it.

It’s actually offensive to a lot of people. In the UK (where Joan and Jess are from) gender specific descriptions such as ‘hostess’, ‘actress’, ‘policewoman’ and so on have been well out of favour for many, many years. As I live in the States now, I understand that this isn’t the case here. That is sort of referenced by:

So funny. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Am getting an extra toilet and my builder refused to put in a saniflow so we are adding a toilet pod and attach it to the house

I use dettol to clean toilet brushes. Had a guest who left poo under the rim, along the sides and all down the bottom of the toilet. I cleaned his bathroom and left the toilet brush on the seat so he would get the hint, thankfully he did. I often wonder what their own bathrooms must be like.


Always wondered about the bra burning… did you replace it? Without my bra I would not be a fully functioning human :crazy_face:


With my tiny chest area, I never even needed one! I’m an old lady with a pre-adolescent chest :slight_smile:


It’s that DD thing that gets in the way!


Just a storm in a D cup.


Right, Just an anecdote to lighten the atmosphere here… blokes please pay no attention. TMI. Thank you.

Last year I was operated on and lost a boob. A few weeks ago I had to go for a mammogram and asked for it to be half price because, when all’s said and done, I only have one to check out not two.

They refused and charged full price! No bloody fair, right?


The hostess discussion wasn’t meant to be heavy or personal. Terms like air hostess have been replaced with flight attendant or steward, because the connotations are meant to be more positive and professional. I am sure you never meant to demean anyone, and I am interested to learn that diminutives may be thought of differently in the US.


Perhaps team up with another Amazonian and split the cost of the mammogram?


I never considered that I’m an Amazonian but you’re right - thank you :slight_smile:


Susan Jeffers’ husband referred to her as a sexy warrior lol.


I’ve not heard of “toilet pods” before. Are they the same as a composting toilet?


That is so bloody unfair; I’m speechless. Even in its parlous current state, I’m so thankful for the NHS.


Hi, i am fairly new to airbnb, so I’m still in the learning curve.
thank you for clarifying the “label” issue. I’ve lived ling enough to know that people are stuck on labels. i don’t take offense unless it’s meant to be derogatory. i use a wheelchair. the only label that offends me is crippled because it’s meant to be offensive. anyway, no matter. i live in the South where hostess is not meant to be offensive.
you’re a very kind & considerate person, Jaquo. thank you for taking the time to explain things. we just can’t please everyone, but i will try not to use hostess on this forum…cheers!


hi, some people here are adament about being “politically correct” in the use of labels…others not so much. i think how you treat someone is far more important than the label. certain areas of this country are probably more p.c. than others…certain groups…certain people feel that a correct label is vitally important. so, my label is " EuropeanAmerican"…lol!
cheers, jess1, no hard feelings. i finally figured out what a macerator is! here its called a sink disposal.
what the heck is “sanifol”? cheers!


Oh no. A macerator is a generic term for a mincing or grinding machine used for organic waste disposal. In the states it could be a garbage disposal in an apartment sink.
The one I was referring to was a poo mincing macerator for a toilet, Saniflo is the leading brand. It minces the human waste so it can go through a 2 inch pipe. It can also pump water from the basin and shower. The point of it is it allows you to have a bathroom where you would not normally have the proper fall for the plumbing, in my case the loft.
Someone recently talked about a toilet pod, I have no idea what that is.


never heard of that. yes, we call it a garbage disposal or just disposal. i need a grinder for my toilet! great idea!


Saniflo toilets are great. You can only put toilet paper in them otherwise they will block.


oh! those darn baby wipes are so bad.


Yep I am afraid I have a sign for that!

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