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Toilet brush shenanigans


One for private comments I think. Then let it rip.


Macerator?? Sounds like a horror movie…lol! My hostess is going to put up a sign above the toilet. We had a guest whose party blossomed from 15 to 50! Then right away we had a set of guests who said toilet was blocked. The problem was in figuring out who caused the blockage. No more parties, for sure. This was an exception. Still makes me mad


I would say the guest who booked and any other registered guests are jointly and severally liable. They were the ones who held the party!
The sign should improve things anyway. There needs to be more education about not using the toilet as a bin.


New black toilet brush arriving from Amazon tomorrow!


So what kind of pipe does CM stand for?

Really and honestly? A party for 15 “blossoming” into 50??? What were you doing/allowing? BTW, what do you mean by “my hostess”? We are all gender neutral here I believe; certainly we all call ourselves hosts, but then we are doing the hosting ourselves. :laughing: Please do explain


What? only one! Testing? Good luck!


Ha, ha, it’s actually two for the price of one. It’s the Ikea one and apparently you can get extra brushes. It’s terribly lazy of me as I have an Ikea less than 2 miles from my house but hate the layout of the shop, it’s like purgatory.


Yes the diminuitive forms of job titles come across as very dated in this non binary age lol. Perhaps a little Benny Hill-esque, said the actress to the bishop. The word hostess has connotations of something like a casino perhaps.


I provide bags for sanitary items but was shocked this morning by a number of pads just in the bin, not in bags and very messy!


Slightly unpleasant but SO much better than a blocked toilet!
I get the impression a lot of people cruise through their lives half asleep. I just had to pull a load of chicken bones out of my ‘clean, dry’ recycling


@Joan I’ll leave the first question unanswered. As far as the party number increasing, I’m 400 miles from my property, so clearly not in any position to “drop in” to see how things were going. I have a great relationship with the neighbors who informed me about the party. I didn’t add any detail, so you’re assuming we allowed it to get out of control. It didn’t.
I’ll guide you back to the topic of clogged toilets.
Benny Hill? Who is that? I ask rhetorically because I really don’t care.
Gender-neutrality is fine with me. The term “hostess” is acceptible and used in various situations. I don’t frequent casinos so that I wouldn’t know. You and Jess clearly take issue with the title and I find it amusing. If it makes you feel superior to me lecturing about the use of titles then I’m glad to have given you this opportunity. Sarcasm usually indicates some kind of unresolved anger issue and cynicism. Or, as we say in my region- just a mean-spirited person.
But I digress…just as you both did. The topic is clogged toilets. If you have nothing of value to add then it’s always best to just “listen and learn”…lol!



@K9KarmaCasa Hi, what do you mean by doing your share? Just wondering as you may know something that we don’t know, since you have a “PhD friend”…lol!


I mean that I’m doing my share to ensure there is a future for our planet. Or I should say a future for humans on the planet. I didn’t have children, I try to conserve, recycle, avoid pesticides, etc. But I drive a carbon spewing SUV. I eat beef. I sometimes take long showers and I have a turf lawn in the backyard. So I could do more but some people, frankly, do absolutely nothing and take a great deal of pride in that. So I consider myself to be doing my share.

As for your seemingly sarcastic remark about my knowledge or my Ph.D. friend, I don’t understand so I can’t comment.


Nope. Not sarcastic. Joking around.


Somehow I don’t get it. Not important in any case.


25 days later? Benny Hill? I rest my case…

Did you have a bad day or something yesterday?


I always love it when people give instructions about how to respond to a post.


@Jess1 Hi, the guest who booked offered to come back & help clean. She was lovely, actually. This was a wedding party so we made the exception. The only concern for the neighbors was the extra cars along the street-the party was a low-key BBQ.These are adults, not kids. No noise or music. Guests dropped by to see bride & groom on their way to the airport to go home. Most were from Europe so the gathering was a thank you from the bride for coming over. Some came from Africa. This is why we said yes, in the first place. There. Phew. :slight_smile:


hello, this comment from me was misdirected. my apologies…


I only come to this forum to get information, hence the 25 days… My use of the word “hostess” seems to have struck a nerve with you and Jess1. Who knew that it was so offensive to you both? There are more respectful ways of getting a message across. I have a very high regard for the woman who hosts my property. I don’t see the term “hostess” as diminuative or offensive unless taken out of context.
My Dad was progressive; I’ve marched in Washington for women’s rights; socialized with Gloria Steinem & burned my bra years ago…good enough?..lol!

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