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Toilet brush shenanigans


Although I generally agree with you regarding waste production, we are in the hospitality business and therefore we are often forced to replace certain items just because they don’t look good or new anymore, although they are functionally perfectly fine. That’s sad, but I really don’t want to get dinged on cleanliness for such things. Toilet brushes often become yellow after awhile, no matter how much you clean them. When this happens, I replace them. I also think it is justified to replace it when someone leaves you a total mess on it and you are simply not willing to deal with it because it’s gross (not that it happens often anyways). Other items which do not look good anymore for guests, I take for myself and continue using them. I am not inclined to do the same with toilet brushes, though.


My bog brushes have black bristles, thus don’t yellow. Poo still shows though!


I stayed in an airbnb which had the dirtiest loo brush I have ever seen it was teaming with bacteria - black blobs of it mixed with poo. The apartment was dusty as well. As an owner myself I was reluctant to leave any negative comment so I told her in a private message. As soon as I got home I checked my own :wink:


You were reluctant to leave any negative comment? On behalf of all future guests, I thank you for hiding something that would factor into determining our stay. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of having very dark linen, towels or anything. I like to see that the things are clean. However, it might be smart to make an exception with a toilet brush. I’ll have to think about it.


My current protocol is scrub the toilet, rinse the brush in the flush, take the brush outside and use the pressure nozzle to hose it off, let it dry, also the cup it sits in, in the bright sun. So far the brush hasn’t yellowed but it’s blue and white. @Inna I’m in complete agreement that nothing in my rental that easily replaced is going to be stained. I can use stained items myself.


Yep also I find the base of the bristles goes rusty anyway.


This is the exact procedure my dad uses when cleaning toilet brushes. Yet, the brush inevitably goes yellow after awhile. No idea why.


I’d read that it’s iron in the water? I’ve read of ways to clean them but haven’t tried.

I can get two brushes very cheaply

I used to have the nice black brush in a lovely brushed nickel holder with plastic insert. I would rinse and disinfect the black plastic but the holder still showed rust and had to be polished clean to look nice. Now I take my cheap plastic one out, clean it, dry it, put it back. I’ve had the same one in there for months now. When I’m done I throw the cup into the recycle bin and the brush into the trash. Where I live there is far more landfill space than water and none of our garbage goes into the ocean. The choices I make here would be different if I lived somewhere else.


It could be! We have a high concentration of minerals in the water in general, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a higher concentration of iron as well. In any case, as you said it, it’s not like I’m throwing brushes away all the time, a single bursh usually serves for a decent period of time. I also don’t have guests throughout the whole year so it’s not that bad. And I can get them for a really cheap price.


All this talk of cleaning toilet brushes reminds me of this Dear Abby I read years ago:

Readers split over toilet brush in dishwasher


It was a loo brush and dust … I might be over the top with such things … My Greek husband thinks nothing of things like that.


Regarding toilet bowl brushes there are some made by Unger where you keep the wand & just replace the head. The heads are just like any other t.brush. In the case of “Mr Big Poo” I would put on gloves, put a bag over the brush & discard, sorry landfill…lol!
My point is that Americans are a “disposable” society, & how nice it would be if landlords really make an effort to be eco-friendly. Think long-term.
Regarding “no garbage in the ocean” watch a recent story by NatGeo on line about plastics in the ocean. You will be horrified & enlightened. I thank the EU for being progressive in this area.
OK. Airbnb should add a category entitled “Green Homes”. I have no kids, but worry about the future of our planet. Anyone else? Thanks & sorry for long post. I’ve enjoyed this one! Lol!


Green homes, fantastic idea. Sadly in the UK way too many people treat the toilet like a wet bin. It is disgusting that manufacturers are allowed to get away with selling wipes as flushable, we need laws to deal with that. Also the fatbergs in the sewers are a major problem, we need not to put stuff down our sinks. Re rubbish in the sea we really need to stop all the disposable bottles, and the ridiculous consumption of bottled water when we have better stuff in the tap!


I have no kids and my PhD friend who is an environment scientist says I get a pass on all environment issues. In other words, she forgives me for being a meat eating, gas guzzling truck driving, plastic using knucklehead. While I do worry I also feel confident that I’ve done at least my share or more and I sleep well at night.


YES! I agree! Atleast the EU is working on banning certain plastic products including straws! Too bad we’re behind the curve ball. We do have recycling services in many areas of America, but we don’t give much thought to throwing away things. Look at the pods for the Keurig coffee maker. Becoming a waste problem. My rental had a clogged toilet & I am sure something was flushed that should not have been put down the loo. Baby wipes are a big culprit. I am working on creating a list of eco-friendly products that work well so I can move toward being a green home. If anyone has tips, I would really appreciate it. Move away from chemicals & plastic!


My sheets are white, my towels are white, my duvet covers are white. I’m a fan of crisp, white linen, but a white bog brush? Never.


A tip is to buy a sign from Amazon or eBay for your toilet. I have one which says toilet tissue only. There are others which say things like no wet wipes, hallelujah! If you search for macerator signs some are good. I have a little box of lavender sanitary bags so people can put things in the bin beside the toilet. Make it easier to do the right thing. In 6 years I have only had one blockage caused by a tampon, and because of the sign (I also have a house rule on Airbnb) they paid £150 to have the macerator fixed!


How long have you had your Saniflo? They used to be a nightmare for blockages, so I’m wondering if the quality has upped in the past decade or so. Helsi would probably like to know.

We had a complete drain/sewer blockage last September in our aged 1740’s house; truly vile and had to contemplate closing, until man-with-van-and-jet-propelled-pressure-washer cleaned it out. Face /wet wipes and condoms. I was naive then.


The Saniflo is great. My Saniflo plus (does shower and basin as well as loo) is 8 years old and has only blocked once as a result of a tampon (£150). It has recently had a plastic connector replaced for £20, it cracked a little and is under a sunny window. The engineer says they last longer if they are flushed regularly, if there are no guests flush it once a day yourself. Obviously put some good sound insulation in your floor. Apparently they are a bit quieter now and there is a slim version.
There are various signs to discourage people from putting things down the toilet, including one about the blasted wipes. People shouldn’t even do it with a normal toilet, it just causes a blockage further down the line! Put disposal bags and a bin in a prominent place.

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