Toilet brush shenanigans

To me a toilet brush is for small spot and limescale removal in conjunction with some toilet cleaner. I have just had a guest leave a brush in a shocking state full of poo and toilet paper. Urrg! He must have not flushed properly, couldn’t be bothered to wait for the cistern to refill and shoved his log down with the brush. He’s an extreme overeater so his poos are probably difficult.
1 star for cleanliness? Should I just not leave a brush? I have heard of hosts doing this to avoid unhygienic practices as described.

Gross. Just gross. I would definitely give him 1 star for cleanliness! As for the toilet brush, personally I wasn’t too happy when it wasn’t provided in some hotels, because I don’t want to watch my poo or fellow guests’ poo day after day. I would continue providing it, but just throw it away regularly. It is possible to buy very cheap brush (just the brush part, without the cup, which can be desinfected and left) in IKEA. I totally gave up on using some nicer, chrome brushes after I found a brush massacre I’m not willing to clean.


Yuck. That is foul. Definitely knock him down on cleanliness. I’m not sure I’d go as low as 1-star - somehow in my mind that’s like “they trashed the entire house”, but definitely 2-3.

I’ve had a toilet brush & plunger in a caddy next to the toilet for a couple years and no abuse like this. It’s nice for guests to have either one at hand, so I’d just replace it.


I suppose it’s just the mentality of it I don’t get. His upbringing must be poor. He has also been smoking outside my house and leaving butts on the pavement which is not the done thing. (I told him to smoke in the back garden and use the old clay pot ashtray I have). We get fined for that in my city now, mainly just in the city centre but I have been picking them up to avoid censure from the neighbours. Every other French guest I have had has been fantastique, but it just shows you can never generalise.

You’ve been lucky then (apart from the bog brush…); perhaps it depends on where in France people come from. It’s such a huge country, with so many different cultural mores. We had a house in the Languedoc/Herault, (south) and nearly everyone had a fag hanging out of their mouth. The village bar, before they banned smoking, was truly disgusting; no one used the ashtrays, just the floor. By closing time it was unbearable, even for me as a then smoker. But we used to go over to Boulogne (north) and thereabouts quite regularly, and people used ashtrays.

I’d definitely still leave a brush in the loo; no one wants to be unable to remove their skiddies… perhaps that’s what he was trying to do, but failed badly.

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It was defo a lot more than a skid mark he had on that brush!
Yep France has been a bit of a smoking nation. He is indeed from the south, but I am shocked to see such a youngster smoking so. Most of the younguns here are vaping, the high tech option doesn’t leave the telltale smell for parents!

I am curious about the idea of a plunger by the side of the loo. I read about this before on the forum. Is there something about American toilets which makes them block more easily?
Mine never blocks. (Apart from once when someone put a tampon in the Saniflo, but that’s obvious.) I am careful to remind people not to put things down the loo. Is this why?

I say, you just never know with people and when in doubt throw it out!

Had some lovely guests that left my kitchen wand sponge scrubber in the utility bucket that I use for mop water and store in the laundry room which is down the hall from the kitchen. Not having the slightest clue why it was there or what they used it for I tossed it for fear it involved the toilet. Funny thing is, right next to the utility bucket is a sparkling clean toilet brush (not the one I use for cleaning but one for guests should they need it).

Simply cannot imagine what they were using the sponge wand for but couldn’t risk it even though it looked fine. I have a deep double stainless sink that you can plug and fill with a sprayer and a full sized dishwasher so your guess is as good as mine as to why that wand was in the bucket.

When you need a plunger you need a plunger and seconds can matter in order to avoid a nasty mess.

I keep one in the laundry which is located between the guest bath and the master bedroom. I make sure to point it out to people to plant the idea in their mind so that if they do need it they might recall hearing me say “plunger in the laundry.”

To your question re: knocking him for cleanliness. I wouldn’t sounds like he tried to clean but made the mistake of doing it when there was TP in the bowl not realizing it would stick to the brush. It’s possible he’s never cleaned a toilet before and didn’t know and then it was too late to fix. You can’t really clean TP off those bristles very well. I’d toss the brush and buy a new one and let it be.

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Good question! My downstairs toilet almost never has an issue, but the upstairs gets clogged at least once a year. I’d have chalked it up to them adding the bathroom after the house was originally built, with the new plumbing worked into existing construction in less-than-optimal ways, but that theory is dead in the water if you don’t see the same in the UK. You all probably turned closets into WC’s more often than we have. Perhaps something to do with low-flow toilets?

At any rate, I took the plunger out when I started hosting, but after a guest sheepishly asked for one after having a clog, I thought it easier to just have it at hand.
It’s a little ugly in the bathroom, but better in this caddy:

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Gross. You know I read is before I had coffee this morning. Ick.

Maybe he was afraid of clogging the loo with that business.

Yes! Another very good reason. No one wants to have to call the host and ask for a plunger. LOL!

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@Inna I disagree with throwing a toilet brush out regularly. Landfills are full of items that shouldn’t be there. Clean the brush in a bucket and reuse. Wear gloves. Really. We all should think before we just throw stuff sway.


Wow so that definitely is a thing in the States. I have never seen a tidy set up like that before, clever. Of course we have plungers in the UK but stuffed under a sink and rarely used. I am also religious about not putting fat down the sink, it gets put in the food waste (makes gas).

I would try clearing the brush in the toilet bowl, and flushing over it, but not now. Am having some work done on my Saniflo at the moment so all the poo stuff going on at mine!

I admit that I haven’t read every single word here carefully (as I usually do, of course!) because the topic is so ewwww that I didn’t want to read much more after the initial grossness.

DEFINITELY one star for cleanliness! And a thumbs down. If people can’;t even leave the loo in a decent state what on earth have they done in the rst of the place? Don’t people feel any sort of embarrassment any more???

Our rentals both have a toilet brush, plunger, bleach and Clorox wipes which are all in full view to encourage guests to make full use of them all. :wink:

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Toilet brushes are disgusting germ-ridden atrocities. Why penalise a guest for using such a device? At least he tried to clean up. You left the abomination with which he did it, so it doesn’t seem fair to penalise him for it. What did you want him to do, exactly? Swill all the crap down the sink? Pick it out with his fingers and bleach everything? What do YOU do with a manky toilet brush?


Ewwww @Magwitch!

I’m so very thankful that I have survived to the old age that I am without EVER to have resort to using a bog brush to clean up after me!

I must be a very tidy poo-er or something. This is a gross subject! :slight_smile:

Ulp! Too visual and playing havoc with my urp-level…I’m opting out of this one. Carry on y’all.

(Wish I could un-see this thread.)

What I expect is for him to reflush the disgusting results of his overeating again. I do not expect him to touch the shit with any kind of tool. It was sheer impatience,slobbiness and laziness. My toilet works perfectly, and in a normal person will flush a number 2 down in one!
You are not alone in disliking toilet brushes, but might I ask how do YOU deal with stains on the toilet bowl without one? They are not so disgusting if not used by a disgusting person.

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