To mention or not - 2 alteration requests on a 2 night reservation

What are other hosts thinking on this and before I hit the post button.

xxx and yyy were pleasant guests and we enjoyed hosting them. Both were very respectful and considerate of the space and left the Treehouse in excellent order. In a first for us we received two alteration requests on their reservation. Even with our strict cancellation policy the second one lead to a financial loss for us as it was 8 days before their arrival day with practically no chance of a re-book. That said, they both are welcome back at the Treehouse.

It sends double messages, they undermined your making a living, but you would want them back?
Perhaps you should get the strict cancellation policy.

I have strict.

The reservation was for 2 nights, they asked to change it to 1 night on day 8 before the reservation. I said no problem and if I re-book I refund.

Guest haggled with the following message "I just want to note that your policy says: Cancel up to 7 days before check-in and get a 50% refund, minus Airbnb service. So, I’ll re-submit my request for the just one night – the 9th-10th – but decrease it $37.50

I agreed to that, but am still a bit miffed and well, perhaps I have been reading way to many comments about how the reviews are for future hosts.

I’d have them back, but would be wary if they book a longer stay during my high season.

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If you accepted their request (which you did) I would not mention it in the review.
You could have upheld the booking with you policy and told them why (financial loss etc)
If they were good guests I wouldn’t make a thing out of it.
Yes, they could have not asked but you chose to accept the new request and therefore I wouldn’t bring it up in the review.
Maybe just don’t accept altercations the next time?

To be fair the OP didn’t have a choice about the cancellation. It’s high time guests got travel insurance.

In this case travel insurance would not help - they simply changed their plans staying longer at one location in lieu of mine.

Options at that point:
Decline => Hosting the guest for 1 night instead of 2, risk having a guest stay that is miffed for paying for 2 nights (simplified Earnings $200)
Accept => Hosting a guest for 1 night, having a guest with a more positive attitude because they are paying 1 1/2 nights for 1 night (simplified Earnings $150)
Cancel => Try to get the guest to cancel and have them pay 1/2 of the 2 night stay per strict cancellation policy (simplified Earnings $100)

So, other hosts don’t want to know that the guest is somewhat indecisive and thinks little of changing their reservation on relatively short notice?

I do.

Different hotel cancellation policies. They may have ended up not being able to get a refund.

I would not mention it. You could have denied the request. Had they screamed bloody murder at that point maybe mention that they were difficult.