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Title & Host Photo Gone from Search Results

I’m really not liking this change.

Has anyone noticed the listing title & the host photo have been removed from the listing search pages?

My title entices some guests. Not sure if my host profile photo did the same or if it scared some off. lol

Ya right now I’m not really digging it. My lead photo shows my suite all decked out for Christmas and my listing title promotes the suite for the Christmas holidays. The image with my title work hand-in-hand and was counting on both showing up in search results. :frowning:

Weird! I’m in Westminster, CO… I searched my listing using Chrome as incognito and not signed in and it was fine (host photo & title there)… It was also fine using Firefox & Safari not signed in…

But signed in, using Chrome title and host photo are missing… NOT OKAY!

How weird. This is what Wimdu looks like. Far less personal! Might be paranoia to say this but I wonder if it is part of Air’s plan to deemphasize the host as part of the listing. Or is it just a graphic space thing?

Disturbing how much they are getting away from personalization of the HOST and it is more about price, instant book and free cancellation.


I understand moving the host pic around or removing it. Not the title though.

I think some programmer dropped a couple of 0s and 1s. Send a note to Air Customer Service.

I am sure it is on purpose. I honestly can’t remember the last time they didn’t anything to the site that I actually liked. It IS their goal to make all our homes and spaces anonymous.

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I’m angry about these changes – they are removing everything that gives personality to the listings, and helps guests make choices based on a sense of connection to the host, or the uniqueness of the title and listing. They are rendering all the listings more bland – it’s like looking at the offerings of a big chain hotel. I’m thinking it’s Airbnb’s goal to essentially operate more as booking.com, a giant hotel chain, in which we as hosts are less and less important, and most certainly expendable.

The more Airbnb does to annoy hosts, the more motivated many hosts will be to use other listing sites that do not treat hosts or listings like this.

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Yes… this is sooooo obvious!

A few days ago I was experiencing the same issue with the host picture and title being gone. It is back today and I am much happier

But now the formatting in the body of the document has changed. The font is much bigger and the paragraphs run together. Before, I had a return at the end of each paragraph and an extra return between paragraphs so there would be visual space. That extra return disappeared. However, I went into the listing and added a second extra return and now it appears correctly in the listing. Much better, since I have a long description and it looked like a single block of text. Next week I’m sure it will change again and it will appear that there are 10 spaces between or something!

Also, it looks like they took away the icon for the amenity “kitchenette”, which is what I have - a bar area with a sink, coffee machine, mini fridge and microwave. No stove… Now the icon changed to just “kitchen”, which I don’t offer. Wondering if I should take that icon off even though my description and pictures both say kitchenette all over them.

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