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Title & Description Generator for Airbnb Listings

:wave: Hello hosts!

We recently launched a tool that helps hosts create listing titles and descriptions! We’re still working on improving it to add additional options and make it more flexible, but it should give you a great start in crafting your title & descriptions!

Hope it helps some of you and feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions!

Sorry, @airhostman. I wouldn’t choose a listing with the title and description your tool generated for my place. Too generic and not very interesting.


Only if it matches my stripper name.


Yeah, it’s pretty basic. I could see it being useful for hosts for whom English is not their first language. Saying an “unsuitable bathroom” instead of “ensuite bathroom” would be an example of a serious language mishap. The kind of folks who would use this are the kind that scan the listings looking for material they can just cut and paste.

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Hey look. A review generator. With a handy referral link if you want to sign up to be a host. The success of Airbnb can be measured by how many folks are trying to ride their coattails.

No more coming to the forum to ask for review help and being yelled at or told it’s your fault!


Haha to you all! :rofl:

We do get some crazy ideas here. Love it.

Utterly useless. Why would you think a computer bot could come up with a better listing description than the host? You’ve completely left “private room” off the type of listing, and the amenities section is paltry. The descriptors are unimaginative.
Not everything works better when done by AI instead of humans.


Well, it may be pretty basic coding and unspectacular results, but I think it’s nice that @airhostman is offering this for free. There are a few hosts in my town with terrible, one sentence listing descriptions that would be vastly improved by using this.

So I won’t be using this but I won’t poke fun at you either.


I’m not going to lie, I could do this for hours… The popup solicitation after a minute or so was a bit annoying. Overall this game is 4/10, would play again. :sweat_smile:


I actually see the value for some people as well.


Oh dear, another poorly researched tool/aid/app that will change how we host, for the better!

I just can’t wait, sign me up now, not.


No he is not doing this to be nice .He is using it as a vehicle to drive traffic to his website @georgiahost


Sorry very generic. A fifth grader could do a better job with descriptions. Yawn…

Based on some of the feedback, I want to stress that this tool is not intended to replace your titles and descriptions (as many hosts are fully capable of creating their own)

However, if a host doesn’t know where to start or isn’t a great writer, this tool may provide a starting point or at the very least give them some ideas to model off of.

I’m hearing that the descriptions may be “too generic” so we will update those to be more unique.

Thanks for taking a look!

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