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Tips from Guests


What do others think of my guests leaving me a five cent tip? Is that to be regarded as an insult or a complement? Unsure what to think…


How do you know it’s a tip? It might be that they just left a coin behind…



I often find money. From pennies upwards. I don’t know the guests’ intentions but then, I don’t care!


It’s where they left it. It wasn’t just dropped on the floor or left on the bedside table as such. It was deliberately put in the little spoon dish in the kitchen.


Had coins left in all kinds of spots. Some that could be interpreted as placed. I wouldn’t read anything into it.


sounds like it wasnt a tip but someone just emptied their pockets.

someone here mentioned their guests left a real tip for the ‘clleaners’…

have never seen a tip myself…not sure if people do that in hotels anymore…but i think its done more there…though not often


Funny! I have had a few of proper tips left before, a couple of £10 notes and one £5. Also bottles of nice wine and presents like biscuits and chocolates. I’m happy to receive them all :joy:


True. May not have been a tip.


I don’t think it was a tip, but if it was, it is an insult. If they left a bad review that may be your answer.


In Australia, was left $100 under the sugar bowl! As Australians don’t tip this is highly unusual and it was on top of a $700 stay. :flushed::slight_smile:


They left no review, and no entry in my hard copy guest book. Exactly, if it was a tip, it was an insult. I provided more than the listing described, the place was impeccable for them… what more can we do!!!


Thank you Debra, in a way you’ve confirmed that it WAS a tip, because your $100 tip was left under the sugar bowl, same as my five cent tip was left in the kitchen, on the little spoon rest, and that’s why I took it to be a tip… But $100 is definitely a tip, isn’t it, well done, but 5 c is more like an insult…


I had never used a spoon rest and for a long time I thought of them, abd of ashtrays as a sort of place to corral small things from my pockets. Loose change, Bobby pins, a loose button might end up in a spoon rest if it was accessible to me and clean.so basically, I doubt it was an insult, they probably just needed a place to put it.


Guests leave random amounts of pocket change ALL the time in my unit. (It’s to the point that my kids now run into the unit to divvy up a few coins. This was very likely not a tip nor an insult.


Notes maybe but a coin, just something that was left.


Yes, you’re probably right, it was just a place to put it. And since my posting, the guests have finally left a review for me saying that they were happy with everything. So yeah, I won’t take it as an insult anymore! Thank you!


One room has zip and link beds so when I move them I look to see if there is ‘treasure’! Coins roll and I’m happy to recycle them!!


Oh lucky you! Hey, maybe I could have a wishing well…!!! LOL

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