Tips for renting out a whole apt

We have decided to rent our whole home next weekend while on hols, for a week (they are only staying 2 nights, they are checking in, before we leave for our hols, and we have someone to collect keys when they check out). The couple is also going to be from Ireland so no language barrier etc, but still i hope its okay.We usually just rent a private room in the same apt. I have in my 2nd listing, it is our home and have added different rules from when they just share the apt. I have thought about moving private photographs etc to make it less personal- What do you think?
Our home is very minimalistic anyway so not much clutter to move.
I am slightly worried if they can work heating (we are going to show before we go, but will they turn it off (After 20mins the apt gets roasting, will they be aware turning electric off when out etc etc…
It seems alot more worrying when you cant keep an eye on someone. Advice would be appreciated.

There are plenty of hosts here who are remote-hosts and will be able to advice you but truly, I would never rent to strangers if I wasn’t on the premises. But that’s just me :slight_smile:

Just my opinion but yes, I think that you’ll need to remove all your personal belongings or lock them away. Guests like to think that their rental is a home-from-home and someone else’s personal stuff around the place detracts from that.

Make sure that you have a great house manual that explains how everything in the place works. And I mean everything - I once had to show a couple how to work a cafetiere. And do make sure that your ‘deputy host’ checks in with them on the guests’ first day to make sure that everything is fine. Be sure too that your stand-in hosts have access to the phone numbers of your plumber, electrician and handyman just in case of any issues. Think of every eventuality and make sure that you’re covered. It might seem like overkill but you’ll enjoy your break more knowing that you’ve thought of everything :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jaquo for your input.:smiley:

I know, i’m the same, i prefer to be here when guests are. Having a little regret renting the whole place (Bar our room, which will be locked). But I hope it goes ok-the money was good! The guys from here, so no language barrier etc. I think I would of declined if it was someone else. He only had one review though, but it was glowing!
I’m a tideness freak so there wasnt much junk to clean out of the drawers.Only things to move would be photos.
I’m working on the manual now. I think I will put the rules in to. Before we leave I may leave some sticky notes as reminders to turn things of, or not to turn things off; such as the fridge/freezer! I hope i can think of everything!:cold_sweat:

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I have just recently moved out of my house and into my own place, so it is now available as an entire home let. I still do the individual rooms with breakfast and that does make up the majority of my booking. The very first think I learned is do not leave anything out that you will not mind being broken. My first rental, on the first day, guest broke a glass that was part of a nested set in a lovely wicker basket. She forgot to tell me and I spent an hour hunting for it until I finally contacted her and she admitted breaking it.

Second thing. Do not leave anything out that you do not want them to use. That would include full boxes of laundry and/or dishwasher pods. They will either use them all, or take them with them, when they leave. Yes. They will.

Third. Do not leave more than one set of towels per person. Same for bed linen. IF they find your stash, they will use them all, and/or take them when they leave.

4th. Have a cupboard, under the stairs or somewhere that you can put a lock on and put all of the above in it. Do not leave a single thing out for guests that you cannot afford to lose and/or replace.

5th. Install a key safe of some kind outside the front door. This allows them to check in whenever they want, after your set time, if you have one. Also, if no letter box it means they can leave the keys safely and if you have someone coming to check the place for you, they can get in also.

Sounds drastic I know, and frankly if someone had said this to me at the start I would have laughed. Then I started renting the entire house.

Good Luck! It is a brilliant thing, just to not have to cook breakfast every day :wink:

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Thank you very much all all the tips. Much appreciated :smiley:

I’m going to put all the things I dont want them to use in my locked up bedroom and bathroom.
Good idea about the laundry and dishwasher pods! I would never have thought of that!

I will also remove all my little angels and precious candle holders I got as gifts! I would have a fit if they got broken…

Do you leave much out for Self service breakfast? One good thing these guests mentioned that they are vegetarians, as we dont allow fish or meat…although i have in my rules light cooking only.

Thanks again.The manual of rules and things to tell them is getting longer by the minute:open_mouth:

Our rental is a separate apartment and I always leave self-service breakfast foods for the guests’ first morning. I expect them to be self-catering after that. In addition to coffee and tea, I leave two croissants, individual butter packs, two boxes individual cereal, two yogurts, two pieces of fruit and a bottle of milk. I also leave bottled water. As your guests are staying for two nights, you could maybe leave something similar, possibly doubling up?

I think that a personal ‘welcome’ card from you would be great too.

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I’m also going to leave them a bottle of sparkle as they are on their honeymoon :smiley:

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