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Tips for a first time host?


Hi everyone!

I am preparing for my first hosting and was wondering how much you all spend on welcoming packages? What sorts of stuff do you buy? Do you go out and buy new sheets as well?



Hey Andrew,

It depends on the price range of your property to be honest. I’d recommend getting a couple pairs of new sheets (always have a back-up in case the initial set gets ruined). If you want to leave something for your guests, a lot of hosts leave a bottle of wine or a 6-pack. I think the most welcoming thing you can do is leave a short hand-written note to welcome the guest and let them know they can call you with questions…put this in front of the wine bottle on your dining table (if you go with that route).

As long as your place is clean and there are fresh/clean sheets, you should be in good shape. Good luck!

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I have been hosting for one year - rooms in my house. Cheap, in the $30 to $50. I find 60% of guests drink beer in their rooms or do drugs while behaving perfectly fine in front of my face, even though my listing specifically says no drugs alcohol. I only discover what they have been doing after they leave and see the empty beer cans and pot paraphinalia in the trash. I used to run around buying fresh flowers and breakfast food …now I just provide bread, cereal, coffee, tea and maybe fruit. They get fresh-washed sheets and pillowcases, a vacuumed room and a cleaned up bathroom with fresh toilet paper, that’s about it. I find guests are usually happy if you offer them a beer or snack when they arrive, or give them a ride somewhere in your car.


I charge $110/night for a private 1 br apt. For my first few guests, I only supplied cream and coffee. I now have additional beverages in the fridge since after a long day of travel, I’m tired and dehydrated and want something to drink when I get in.

The most important thing is to offer a clean space with very clean sheets – everything after that is an extra perk. I must say that the majority of my guests do not drink the beer or white wine in the fridge, sometimes they’ll take a Pellegrino soda. I usually don’t leave food as it goes to waste if people don’t eat it. My guests aren’t starving artists or students – most are professionals or comfortable retirees who know what they like and can afford to go out to breakfast.

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