Timing a review

So I had a guest whom I plan to leave a less than 5 star review. They haven’t left a review for me yet but I have until July 8th to leave one.

It won’t be a blaringly bad review. I asked her via message at 11:20am if she would be checking out by noon (my checkout time is 11am) because I was expecting another guest at 2pm. She left at noon but she did send me a very critical message after checking out.

She said it was terribly humid (we’re near the coast), my garage was messy, I had cobwebs and spiders, and she almost fell on the stairs. My garage IS disorganized but it’s hidden behind blankets. There are cobwebs and spiders in the garage part but not in the apartment. Just normal stuff not like a cellar or something. The stairs, well, I have a picture of the stairs on my profile and warn those who are not comfortable climbing stairs to not book. This was a middle aged person so no obvious ambulatory problems.

I want to leave my review as late as possible to avoid reminding her to leave hers.

Do I have until midnight or what time on the deadline date? She may still leave a review before the deadline but I wanted to ask what the latest I could submit one is.

You have 14 days from the time that the first email was sent asking you to review. (DISCLAIMER - Or so I am told.)

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