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Threat to give bad review if I didn't refund

I have a guest who is trying to cancel for my room for tomorrow. It’s past the full refund time. Now they are telling me they will give me a bad review if I don’t give them a refund. I called airbnb hopefully they will resolve this but this isn’t cool. To me it’s black and white when the guest writes they will give me a bad review. That’s blackmail. Sometimes I wonder how good the people in customer service are. Isn’t that simple? They want to call the guest and see if they can come earlier. I already told them the plane arrives well after I close.


You’ve got it in writing and it’s against Airbnb’s policy. It’s extortion and so just let Airbnb know and where they can find the message. Job done :slight_smile:


Exactly what @jaquo said. I just went through this and that spiteful review never saw the light of day.

Actually, once I wrote my review, I did get the email that says, “read soandso’s review” and wow, it was a doozy. All lies, bad writing and super-long. But no one else ever saw it because of the review extortion.


Hopefully, they wrote that in a message sent through Airbnb and not a text.

Even if it was a text you can screen shot it with their phone number showing and send it through he Airbnb platform.

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Screen caps are easy to fake. I wouldn’t take it for granted that Airbnb will accept it as proof.

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That’s fine. It you can still do it and try.

Sorry some jerk is bullying you. Did they use those exact words? "Will give you a bad review if you don’t refund? It’s very difficult to get obvious extortion reviews removed. I was told that often the
Acct supervisors don’t even check the guest messages to determine if the review should be removed. Based on my past experience, I believe the “extortion message” needs to show up in the review before Air will do anything about it!
Just keep calling them and use social media to alert them as well.

I have had them accepted as proof before. Though we all know they are inconsistent with things. @Mark_Mark mostly needs to get on top of it and get a case manager.

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I called in because I had some trouble with some guests and was already worried about my review. I was given several case managers, one of which was in Reviews and was given contact info to contact her if anything went awry. Sure enough, the guest started threatening my review because she wanted a refund so I forwarded the info to this case manager. She was on it and said we just had to wait until she wrote a review and then it would be blocked. As soon as I got notification that she had written a review, I let the case manager know. About 10 minutes later I was contacted by her and someone over-seeing the whole case and both letting me know the review was blocked and to not “stress-out”. I still waited another week before I reviewed the guest but my review posted and then it said that “soandso did not leave a review”. They were really on top of it because of the extortion angle.

So your review was changed by Airbnb?

No, the guest’s review was never posted - not just removed, but blocked from ever being posted. My review posted.

Oh, it’s because I have AirReview. So when I look at her profile, my review is there but when AirReview looks for her review of me it just says she didn’t leave a review.
(I didn’t think about how that didn’t make sense if you don’t use airreview).

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