Thoughts on Smart Locks

Hi, I’ve been browsing posts for a while now and finally made an account to post. I’ve been trying to get some insight into what problems property owners go through and from what I’ve read it seems endless - renters cancelling last minute, not cleaning up after themselves, and the list goes on.

I made this post because I am a student at the University of California, San Diego and I am currently working on a research project regarding home /apartment/vacation property access and safety. Unfortunately with a pandemic going on right now, I am unable to ask people in person about their opinions. I wanted to ask if you all can take this quick 5 minute survey that would help my research project greatly. If you are interested in learning more about my project please feel free to let me know! Google Form Survey Link: Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I did the survey just to spite all the SPAM freaks out there lol

Good luck, but take it easy on the posting to other threads and I would drop the email requirement as there’s no need to connect data with identifying information if you’re truly just gathering info for a school research project


Hahaha yeah I was a bit worried it might look like spam so I stopped posting on other threads. Thanks for pointing out the email requirement, I wasn’t aware that it was defaulted to that - I’ll change it asap. I really appreciate your comment and thanks again!

I think the current protocol here on this forum is to offer a minimum of $75 for each participant.


I did the survey because as a former student and teacher I understand what it’s like to try to get survey information. If everyone had to be paid for their input there would be no surveys and we would have a lot less information in this world.

That said there’s a big difference between someone using the forum to promote their business (no matter how they try to disguise it) and a student doing research.

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Done and happy to help.

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Many school projects go on to become commercial enterprises, I was a student and teacher as well and know that schools are pushing entrepreneurship programs just as hard as their endowments are participating in startup funds.

Not to be argumentative just for arguments sake here but what exactly is the big difference? My business is trying to solve a very real problem and do so with a stakeholder first mentality (create lots of jobs with fair pay & benefits, reduce environmental impact of hosting, community improvement, knowledge sharing, etc. It’s exactly the kind of business many people would love to see succeed.

It’s basically a school project at this stage and gathering information about what to build, who to build it for, and how big the potential market is does little to promote my business considering we’re servicing exactly one city at this early stage and are years away from being able to expand nationally and/or internationally. If I had money I would happily be sourcing paid research through more traditional channels but my retirement account can only afford sheets, towels, and an expensive ass ozone machine at this point lol

There are hundreds of posts on this site recommending products and services geared towards Airbnb hosts because they make life easier or improve the business in some way. Almost everyone using this forum is a small business owner and such at least partially financially motivated to participate in home sharing and improve their business yet there are ads on this site, including from FairShake who’s stated goal is to arbitrate Airbnb to death over the decision to refund guests. Where’s the integrity in that vs. my tiny business trying to grow and improve?

LOL. Yeah, right. I’m not arguing so just go on.

It’s a genuine statement, I have no intention of arguing without a purpose. Meaning, my questions come from a place of genuine curiosity. Message boards and forums like this are new to me, as is creating and marketing a startup. Just trying to get better, ask questions, and make points that feel valid but I’m listening for feedback to adapt as necessary.

Assuming you looked at the survey I posted when I ask this next question:

Would it have made a difference If I posted a completely unbranded survey with no connection to the company name, but just asked the same questions with an optional email address inclusion?

Again, just an honest question, not trying to beat a dead horse or skirt rules.

then stop…


:roll_eyes: Solid moderation, appreciate the help

You and your snarky little know it all attitude is really solid as well.

You’re welcome.


You picked a fight with me over a joke which I immediately followed up with advice to the OP.

I responded by asking a series of actual questions to someone with the authority and the experience to answer them and instead of getting anything resembling an answer I get name called…

keep banging on about won’t you please? Pretty please. Oh please, don’t stop!