Thought I'd seen it all but then

Hi, I notice that you have a 2 night minimum stay. Is it possible to get this over 2 separate nights - Sat 28 May and Wed 1 June?


No, You are putting us on.

Not via Airbnb. Worth a screenshot though.


Well, I have to hand it to them for thinking outside the box. :rofl:

Guess it never occurred to them that minimum stays aren’t about the nightly rate, but cleaning and prepping a room for 1 night at a host’s price point and warding off partiers.


Sure- but you will need to book all the days in between to ensure availability. :grinning:


Points for chutzpah.


I’ve had this happen (not the minimum) but the two no consecutive stays. They wanted me to waive the cleaning feel. (Like I’m not going to book the other nights). Clueless.

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Maybe they were interpreting AirBnb’s new Split Stay…:joy:


Wow… just…wow…
I don’t see that split stay idea ending well.

Worth a try though. Big data must be telling them there’s $$$$$ there somewhere. Any particular downsides that you see?

My first thought was, as a host rather than getting a week booking, I’d get either three or four nights and my competitor down the street would get the other nights. How do they decide who gets three nights and who gets four? If you get three nights this time, will you get four nights next time? I’m in an area that’s not a real tourist destination, so my margins are tighter than what most of you probably see.

But according to many host and guest reports, that’s not even what is happening. They are showing guests split stays in two completely different locations- not just necessarily miles away, but in a completely different part of the country, and in Europe, even different countries.


For me, it has been that I get the amount of days that I have available. Because of other bookings, I only had 5 days available but got all 5 of them. A neighbor of mine with a fairly similar listing got the other 12 days. And that’s totally fine with me. I don’t want too long of stays so it works out perfectly. And then neighbor host reached out to me to coordinate guest care which is really awesome too. It is good for hosts and also good for guests.


The same for the Caribbean - stays might be in different countries.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: wow, at least they are imaginative


I’d tell them you are unable to split a two day stay but they are welcome to book 3 nights. If the dates are approaching and there is low likelihood of another booking coming in, I might offer them a discount for night 2. In my experience many guests haven’t given thought to things from a host’s perspective. I must admit, before I became an Airbnb host, I used to be irritated if I arrived at a hotel early in the afternoon and they wouldn’t let me check in!

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Only down side that I see is the extra work, I would maybe consider it, if they understand that there will be a cleaning fee applied to both stays. Usually a one night stay would be a much easier clean than several nights, it will be more expensive for them, but if they will pay it send them a special offer for the two nights.


Hi, I’m pretty sure that you meant to say “2 night maximum” instead of “2 night minimum”, as our minimum stay is 1 night and our maximum stay is 2 nights. With this being said, you should have no problem with the system allowing you to book on the 2 separate days that you need. :slight_smile:

No, he has a 2 night minimum, not maximum. A 2 night minimum means that a guest has to make a booking for no less than 2 nights, and a booking means consecutive days. You can’t make one booking for 2 non-consecutive nights if a host has a 2 night minimum.

You may be willing to take one night bookings, but many hosts are not, so they would never list a 1 night minimum.
It seems a bit odd that you have a 2 night maximum. You really don’t want anyone to book a stay longer than 2 nights?

I have my settings as a two night minimum stay and a 10 day maximum. Primary reason is that my insurer requires a 2 day minimum stay and the other is I’m simply not into cleaning the room after only a one night stay anyway. I haven’t run into the split stay feature as per Airb&b but based on my settings, I don’t think I would be requested to consider a one day stay.