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This will be interesting

I had read the Kardashians use airbnb for a lot of their trips and wondered about this immediately when I heard of the robbery.

Kim Kardashian West flees France after being robbed at gunpoint in exclusive Paris hotel

“Kardashian was staying in the Hotel de Pourtalès, a 19th century neo-Renaissance town mansion in Paris’ cosseted 8th arrondissement. The “hôtel partiulier” at 7, rue Tronchet has no internet site and is reportedly a kind of uber-select Airbnb for the superrich rather than a traditional hotel.”

See, now if they’d put “This is a Kardashian-free zone” this never would have happened.

Oh, I find myself soooo hilarious. :smiley:

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here is is: https://www.kiwicollection.com/hotel-detail/hotel-particulier

part of the Kiwi collection

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