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This Listing Is Temporarily Unavailable

Hi all - just letting you know that there is a system glitch happening. You ought to check your listing and make sure it’s not affecting you as well. I’ve spend all day on the phone, email and Twitter with Airbnb and the problem persists. Some people thought it was to do with having text/#'s in a photo and a bot snagging it - this is not the case with me. The CS agent I spoke with last, said she would check in on me Tuesday (!!) to make sure it had been resolved by then. Wow. Tuesday. I’m going to miss a whole weekend of bookings. :cry:

Are you sure you are not being delisted? This has been happening in many places without any notice.

What does delisted mean? Is that if you do something wrong/against the rules? I haven’t, in any case. Air also doesn’t see anything wrong with my account/listing. It still comes up in a search you just can’t open my listing. The Air community blog has been lighting up with the same issue over the last couple of days.

Don’t quote me… but in some locations, Air is just delisting properties where they have deemed there to be illegal or improper situations… multiple listings by the same owner, or listings in places where STRs are illegal. A few that come to mind are Barcelona, Santa Monica, New York…They just do it without warning or explanation. We’ve had forum members posting here saying that is what happened to them.

Hopefully yours is not one of those!! And it is just a glitch!

Also… I believe that the CSRs don’t always know the latest things. I think they are virtual call centers. I’ve talked to CRs all over the country. Some were in Austin, some in Atlanta. I sometimes get a bad one and sometimes get a good one. I’ve had bad info and good info…

And I’ve had WRONG info… (such as that Paypal was going to start to put a five-business-day hold on payments so hosts are being advised to switch to direct deposit. That was just plain bum info!)

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No idea, keep us posted though…! Might be something in Canada alone?

Suite, can you post a link to the Air forum where this is being discussed?

I certainly will keep you posted. On the community blog it seems to be world-wide…Thailand, USA, Mexico, Australia, Taiwan, and so on. Someone there said it best “I’m not sure what’s going on, but I think there’s a hotdog in the hard drive”. :scream: lol

You bet https://community.airbnb.com/t5/Tips-Tricks/My-listing-comes-up-as-temporarily-unavailable/td-p/45059 There are related strings of conversation about the same below this thread if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.

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Have learned they are loath to admit that anything technical is their “fault.” Probably the reps are told to keep things vague as hosts call in.

I just got a Twitter DM that says “We’ve located your account and can confirm your listing is now live and appearing in search results. However, can you keep an eye on things and if that “temporarily unavailable” message doesn’t go away after 24 hours can you let us know”.

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Sigh of relief!..

Which province?

Another quick update for anyone who is interested. Apparently I’m part of some test group for a new calendar feature. What’s SUPPOSED to happen is Air automatically dings hosts who don’t respond within 24 hours to requests for bookings and inquiries, by putting a temporary block on their calendar. What is ACTUALLY happening is that there’s a glitch in this system that is dinging random hosts regardless of their response rates. I have a 100% response rate within 1 hr and I’m on Instant Book…I got caught in the glitch. It’s been 3 days now and the tech department still hasn’t addressed my ticket. I’m glad this isn’t my sole source of income or I’d be losing it right now.

Did a CSR tell you that? I hate to sound jaded but that sounds like one of their tall tales!!! I’ve caught them telliing tall tales before…

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@konacoconutz you’re jaded because you’ve been around their system for a long time - it’s well earned. I’ve only been in the system for 3 weeks and I can completely understand how you got there. I’m going into day 4 now and still no answers. What I’m learning is that Air is great when it’s working but when it’s not, the holes in their procedures start to show. You just gotta hope you don’t fall into one of those holes…like I seem to have. On the bright side my listing is accessible through the app so I just have to hope people are searching my area using that.

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New customer service agent…new story. Wow, it just keeps getting better. I have spoken to 5 customer service reps and each has had a different tale to tell. This last one told me that:

A. none of the prior 4 agents actually submitted a support ticket to the tech dept
B. I’m being affected by a double whammy - a calendar glitch for searches of 3 days or more AND some sort of “bug” that is affecting new hosts that signed up after April 14th or somewhere around that date

I wonder what tomorrow’s call to Air will bring. Any advice? How do I get this to a higher-up? I honestly don’t believe anything they’re telling me anymore. I’m ready to delete this listing and start a new one…but it means losing the one and only review I earned, my reservations, my wishlist, and my excellent response rate. :sob:

Yup… I think they tell tall tales to get you off the phone… I’ve heard some doozies. Things that couldn’t possibly be true… but sounded somewhat feasible… then you call again and get another round of tall tales. So yeah… suspect.

Are you sure there is not something in your municipality that forbids STR?

Some hosts have reported that they can get quick action by posting an issue on their FB or twitter account. Try that and see if you hear back.

As of yesterday the problem is fixed. No further explanation given. My listing is all back to normal now. Will forever been know as the “mystery glitch” which is too bad because I would have liked to share that information here. All’s well that ends well? Thanks for all your feedback here @konacoconutz :slight_smile: It was a lonely and frustrating 6 days…

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