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This is all about digital marketing

Digital marketing is coming with pace and everyone is looking forward towards to promote the product. For product and website promotion all we do is seo and ppc. Can any one suggest me alternate of digital marketing.?
Means of saying why there is so much dependency on Google for promotion.

Alternatives to digital marketing:

  • Expensive local, regional and national newspapers and magazines. Local and regional television and radio stations. Local flyers posted in a variety of venues.
  • OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive international marketing.

Dependency on Google? Not particularly. But they do have a decent array of tools including G+ as a place to create a “website” for free. Not ‘dependence on’, but rather ‘utilization of’ electronic media because it is planet-wide in scope, and relatively inexpensive to reach a vast audience.

Here in America, we have the same problems of expense when advertising from one state to another, as all of Europe has when trying to advertise from one nation to another.

For me in Florida to advertise my BnB in England or France by conventional means would be ruinous expensive. An order of magnitude more expensive than for me to advertise in California.

I work in comms and marketing so happy to advise.

  1. Start by looking at the sort of people who book your place…Are they families, singles, couples? Where are they from mainly? Is there a particular interest linked to your place - golf, nightlife, food, beach etc?

  2. Use this information to think about where these sort of people hang out - what communications channels do they use ie magazines, radio, travel pages on nationals, , what sort of consumer habits do they have

  3. Use this information to put together a plan. For example:

A. Promote your space through your own social media channels
B. Make up a lovely card with benefits and contact details on the back. Share with family, friends, workmates
C. If you have an unusual/quirky property - look at approaching travel media that is read by your guests and see if they would be interested in doing a review (your normally need to let them stay for a few days).
D. If you are near a university - advertise to families of students
E. If you are near amazing fishing - contact fishing groups and promote your property there.
F. Share with neighbours and large companies locally who have staff stay overnight

The better the research you carry out the better you will be able to market your property.

This assumes of course you have done all you can to optimise your listing first - look at what you offer, your photos, your copy, what you can do to encourage great reviews…this is the best tool you have.

Just a few ideas to get you started.

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