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Third-Party Bookings—Policy and Response


Was there actually a moment that she said she herself would be attending? Did you assume she would be attending or did she really manipulate?

I guess that loads of people are not aware that third party bookings are not allowed. They don’t understand that the review system doesn’t work for 3th parties, they don’t understand that 3th parties are not well informed about the house rules.
In the first line of your review I would say something like: (GIRL) made a reservation for her real estate work team and wasn’t present herself. And then continue with the normal review.

Another line of thought: Let’s suppose she had been present, would it have made that much difference? Would her colleagues have been better informed about house rules? Would she have responded quicker/better to your messages? Would she have been any more/less responsible for her teams behavior?


I showed you the messages…so you can see the benign nature.

Yes, I absolutely think 100% she was aware of manipulating. She covered her tracks in messaging so she knew. And she knew when she got the contract and put in a work address. Yes she knew.
Would the rules have been followed?.. I have been renting for 9 years…every week…thousands of guests ( 10 people x 80 times a year x 9 years = estimated # of guests ).
I was only blocked in one other time in 9 years, and that was when I was off in the hospital due to a life threatening situation for my husband. Nine years. Nobody was “in charge”…with large groups there has to be a person at the helm.
My contract is very explicit, and I send it , and rules, 2x prior to arrival. It works, because there is a real live person in charge. Rules are also in book.
In 9 years this is the first 3rd party booking. ( not willingly and not knowingly).
I dont want a 3rd party booking. I live in my mother in law apartment and I want to know who is in my main house. It skeeves me out to think of total strangers in my house with no contract and no connection and blank.
I will immediately add to my contract and double check my listing to say that the person booking MUST be present (explicitly), but I believe it is implicit, or she would not have covered her tracks, and she would not have continued to lead me to believe she was present.
When I reminded her via text to keep the outside porch light on, she would have responded, "not there but will telll xxxxxxx or please send message to xxxxxx as I am not there. etc.


I am going to break this off into a new thread. Thank you for responding.


@georgygirlofairbnb I deleted your post here and if you and @GutHend could move your posts over to the new thread you started that would prevent people from splitting responses between two threads. I can link these posts to the new thread but can’t just repost them in your names.

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