Thinking of listing a new unit

i’ve got a triplex, and we live in the top of the house. our airbnb is half the basement level. the other half is a studio, but we’ve started renovating it to rent out.

the idea is that we want to switch listings - to list this newly renovated unit, and take the old one offline.

i need to know: when i discontinue the old airbnb listing, and make a new listing, what happens to all my stellar reviews? do the reviews only stay up as long as the unit is listed?

i’d appreciate hearing from anybody with multiple units

Your reviews don’t transfer to the new listing but you still have them. For example you’ll still be a Superhost (if you are one) with a NEW listing. I was confused when I first saw that wondering how you could be new and SH. Duh. I’d leave the old listing as active, at least awhile but block the calendar and then put the new listing up.

are you taking the old one offline permanently? you can snooze it if you will ever rent it again.

I think I heard that your reviews are about you as a host, not the actual property. Barns took his reviews with him when he moved to Brighton I beleive.

Barns, where are you when needed?

Do you need him to make fun of someone He’s always available for that.


Ouch! Did he tread on your toes? Quite simply wanting a response from him with regard to carrying reviews to a new rental.

Yes, he does poke fun sometimes, but I’ve never found him malicious.

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