Things Guests Request in Private Feedback

Are there certain features, modifications, or amenities that guests frequently request in your private feedback? What are they? Are there some things that keep coming up that you would never actually add?

The only thing I get in private feedback is twice they loved my pug. Other than that I haven’t had any in 22 completed trips.

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I have had guests request many things in private feedback: not frequently, because we usually act on their suggestions:

Maps of the area. We didn’t put maps in the guest room because we thought most people would use GPS. We added them based on private feedback. Guests appreciate having maps to plot out their sightseeing days.

Full length mirror. We added this.

Queen size bed. We are not following this recommendation as we have many guests who like having two twin beds as they don’t want to sleep together: parents and children, colleagues, friends, siblings, even a married couple who prefer to sleep apart. When we have couples we tie the bedframes together with velcro.

Clothes drying rack. We are planning to get one as we have many European guests who are afraid that the dryer will shrink their clothes. They usually dry their clothes laid out all over the guest room. I don’t really like this as the floor is wood.


Great question!

Requests: (all fulfilled)

  1. reading lamp
  2. at least 4 pillows for a queen size bed
  3. nightlight
  4. labels under light switches (we have 6 switches in just the living room…)
  5. full-length mirror (I forgot to put it back in the apt for this guest)
  6. cable
  7. washcloths

private feedback theyre mostly saying everything was great etc etc.

One guest however, recommended I got a tv for guest room. I ignored that request, as I only have a max of 4 nights. And most clientele are here for sightseeing, not sitting in the room all the time.

Oh and one other who requested for me to provide top sheets, as we use duvets. Its the norm in Ireland. (Different togs for summer, autumn, winter). However, now I have a supply, so if any guest asks upfront for one, they can have.

ps: I always think what i would want if staying somewhere, and this is how i work out what i think the guest needs.

  1. A proper shower. I hate when there’s just a bath or there is just a hose over the bath.
  2. Full length mirror.
  3. Hair dryer
  4. Two bedside tables and bedside lamps.
  5. towels (must be clean and fluffy), facecloths, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, bubble bath, hand soap, hand lotion, and a few other essentials like tooth paste, cotton buds, cotton wool, facewash, facewipes.
  6. Water. (Or some people prefer tea/ coffee). I provide detox water, and in guest room I have a kettle, green tea, other herbal tea and coffee, sugar, biscuits and Irish chocolate.
  7. oh and a mirror beside a plug!! There’s nothing worse when you want to dry your hair but the mirrors stuck on a wall on the other side of the room! Big pet hate!
  8. Info pack, map, and leaflets on main sightseeing attractions
  9. iron and ironing board on request
  10. free wifi
  11. Self serviced breakfast, with Irish breads, homemade jams. I also make a healthy bowl of fresh fruit up for each guests. (When I go away however, I uusally dont eat breakfast, unless my partner brings it to me in bed lol)
  12. fresh flowers
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  1. Fluffy towel. The one that fellow had was kind of a thin IKEA one. I prefer thinner ones because they dry faster and I’m a budget one night accommodation. But I have bought some fluffier ones and haven’t had any more comments.

  2. It was suggested a thicker blanket for winter. This was a spring guest where the low temp for the day was about 70. She was in the category of trying to suggest something just because ABB asked her too.

All the other things listed above that have been requested are already in my guest room. I have a full not queen bed because it’s a small room and I already have tons of full sized bed linens. So that’s one thing I won’t be changing for a very long time.

I have had guests suggest better linens, a blender (I acted on that one) a dishwasher (get outa here!) and clarification on where the listing is in relation to the map shown (have tried to fix this to no avail) better seating (is has been acted on as well) and plumbing repairs (also done).

I had a guest suggest I add a bathroom (the guests are in the basement) so they didn’t have to come upstairs to shower (there was a toilet down there). Funny thing is my European and Asian guests would say I didn’t charge enough and I said it was because of the shower situation. They would look puzzled and say it was no big deal at all. I had almost NO bookings from the US and the one suggesting the bathroom was one of my only US guests.

I explained that I didn’t have $10,000 to put into the space.

But you know what? A few months later we did do just that!! Now I have many more bookings from the US. And it’s much easier on our family!!

Things I do offer:

Make-up mirror and full-length mirror
Hair dryer
Little candies in a fancy glass
2 pillows per person so they can find one they like
Bathrobes (almost never used)
Lots of travel info
Bed side table with light.
Good basic linens
A large supply of towels, bath, hand and wash cloths
A kettle with a selection of teas and coffees, filtered water.
Welcome sign on their bedroom door with their name on it.


The last guest suggested I do something to make my 150+ Spanish tile floors have less ‘wear’… I checked the reviews she left for other hosts during her travels across Spain. All similar. She was nuts.


I had a guest who said in the private feedback that they would have enjoyed their stay more had there been a coffee maker. The ONLY appliance on the countertop in the small kitchen is a Bosch coffee maker! (With the disc thingies placed on a shelf right above it along with the coffee maker manual).

They also said that the ‘only way’ to make coffee was with the ‘French press’ that they ‘didn’t know how to work’. Which also baffled me. I don’t know exactly what a ‘French press’ is but I assumed they meant the cafetiere (offered as an extra in the rental if guests prefer to use their own favourite ground coffee). Does anyone really not know how to ‘work’ a cafetiere?

Mind you, this was the same guest who was concerned that he’d lost his sunglasses when they were on the top of his head :slight_smile:


-Provide washcloths. I thought that only people over 90 yo used washcloths. I have added them but nobody uses them. The same guests also suggested that I add a wall clock so they must be a bit old fashioned.
-Add a handheld vacuum cleaner
-Add a heater in the toilets (room is 3 x 4 feet…)
-Add a vegetable peeler. Done.

Otherwise I think I provide everything guests could reasonably expect. Travel adapters, makeup wipes, tissues, power strips, iron, multiple light sources, multiple mirrors of all sizes, multiple blankets, hair dryer, salad spinner, kettle, citrus press, tea, coffee, chocolate, beer, bottled water, candies, cleaning products, vacuum cleaner, tourist brochures in several languages, take away menus of nearby restaurants, games…

In my country the ministry for tourism has a list of equipments you should have in a vacation rental and it is really helpful.

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I’m in my 2nd Airbnb of 7 this summer. One thing not found in either place is Saran Wrap (cling film for the brits?)

Or alternatively, some kind of covered food storage containers.

Seems too petty to mention in private feedback, though.

The current place doesn’t have dishtowels. Am I supposed to dry dishes with paper towels? (No dishwasher.) That one I will mention.

We supply one new roll of paper towels for each turnover and two fresh teatowels/dishtowels.

Usually the teatowels/dishtowels haven’t been used.

I have read numerous times that it’s more hygienic to let dishes air dry :)… And it’s less work !


Me :kissing:
I would look for a YouTube tutorial though.

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Thank your for my laugh for tonight…another bad mood.,

At least I know I have Saran, Pyrex containers, and dish drying towels, with the dish rags. I saw the previous guests used my dish drying towels to wipe up spaghetti…whatever. I am still irritated…

On my…will I be one of your 7? I hope so…as I think I just might exceed your expectations…Lol

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No Saran…but what about an electric kettle? Are these places in U.S.?


Yes, I know what you call a cafetiere as a French press. The first time I saw you mention the cafetiere I looked it up.

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Not only is it more hygienic to air dry dishes than to towel dry them; in the U. S. restaurants are required by law to air dry dishes.