They book as 1 but there are 6

My listing allows up to 6 people. I keep having people book as 1 guest, but then they tell me up front there will be 6. Does it matter? Should I ask them to adjust their reservation to reflect their actual count? Or is it enough that they simply inform me? Does this have any impact on me with airBnB? I find it so annoying that SO MANY people do this; I don’t understand why.

I price the first 2 and then it is plus $25 per head per night.
What is your pricing structure?
And yes - you need accurate number for your insurance!


It also happens to me. I message them back asking the guest to update the reservation to reflect the accurate number of guests. I usually just say that it’s necessary due to Airbnb policy. 100% so far make the adjustment.


My condo is priced for maximum occupancy. I need the actual guest count. I send them a reservation change request for the number they report.

When they show up with extra people they cannot say they didn’t know the Max was 4. The conversation is documented in Airbnb.

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There are many, many threads about this subject.

My rentals are both one-bedroom and so apart from the occasional sleepover/ hookup/ had too much to drink extra guest (to which I’m happy to turn a blind eye) it’s rarely a problem for me.

They book for two, they pay for two. If only one person comes, the price is the same. So I agree with @Annet3176 - set your price at maximum occupancy. It’s a lot easy to give guests a discount if they don’t make up your maximum than badger them for extra guest fees.

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I do the same and have the exact same reaction. No one argues or fusses.