The world's dumbest thief

Man who was a registered member of Airbnb used the platform to book a reservation and then robbed his host at gunpoint:

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“Verified by Airbnb!”

This is why I have never really paid attention to or cared whether a guest, as long as they communicate well and had good reviews, showed “verified ID”.

Of course it can help catch the perp after the fact, but it didn’t stop him from holding a gun to the guy’s head, tying him up, and robbing him.

I wonder what new feature Airbnb is going to come up with as media damage control when this goes viral.


Verified by Airbnb has never meant a criminal background check.


they will say we verified this person as a criminal, but the host chose to accept them as a guest… this is the fault of the host!

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Yes, I know. What I meant was that many hosts seem to think that a guest having uploaded “verified” ID somehow makes the guest safer to accept.

I feel safer – crooks tend to stay away from situations where they have had to share government id and had their credit card verified.

Assholes and entitled jerks? – that’s another story entirely.


I am pretty sure we will never see a news item saying “Guest was overwhelmed by the positive experience at their airbnb; Host says, ‘It’s like that all the time’”…


I just keep laughing at “dumbist.” Not because of the irony of the typo/misspelling but because it sounds like a philosophy, like socialist or Baptist. LOL.


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