The Unwanted Booking

I have a very cheap room. Today I got a confirmation on IB that demanded 2 hours early admission, minimal contact with other people, total quiet between 10 pm to 8 am, and who cares but there was more.

This should have been an easy cancel because it’s in violation of my rules etc but CM made a real meal out of it. Two hours later I threw in the towel and said full refund AND here is $50 to cancel.

So the guest accepted the payoff, adding how disappointed she was with the whole experience. I added that these terms were offered as a gesture of goodwill.

She asserts that she is a marketing strategist and a relationship specialist. I call it bullet dodged.

Off IB immediately, still feel like carp.

Contingent on hof? What is Hof?

Sorry but my phone locked. Rant finished now.

CS really didn’t want to just let the cancellation happen?! This is ridiculous! Clear violation of house rules… guests don’t get to make demands in someone else’s home!


It took a bit of digging but she had 38 prior reviews. CM seemed quite nice and we had a few laughs later but true to form it was likely her doing the pushing. Boy do I know how to pick em. Fear and loathing in Hamilton On

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I think I figured it out. CM would have dropped this in short order. But the guest pushed her into a 2-hour rant. No reasonable CM has that kind of time. So Mr. Occam says the simplest answer is probably the right one.

Now ponder this. If I hadn’t been so careful about booking because of the one star review, there is a chance she would have gotten in. Sometimes our worst event actually saves our bacon.

You’ve already had 3 cancellations this year? Because on IB you don’t have to call CS to cancel…unless you already cancelled three times.

Wait…you paid her $50?

May I have a link to your listing please? If you are handing out money I’ll be happy to reserve.


Actually you are right! I hadn’t used the 3.

Sorry. You should have posted here first, not called Airbnb. LOL.

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You have to agree to waste my time, send snarky rebuttals, and promise me a one star.

Yup, I did. That’s what it took to stop wasting 2 hours my time on a $100 booking. As far as I am concerned it’s the cost of sanity. Technically she also broke my rules and made her 5 star conditional on things we could not possibly deliver. But it solved the problem.

I offer a cheap room too. It seems to be, the more demanding or needy guests are before check in, the more trouble they are when they stay.


BINGO. Obviously my price is part of the problem, which, btw, was created by another nitwit. It’s a slippery slope. Which is a shame, because it’s a great little room. But very risky.

Good news? There is a really great guy in there now. Actually a lot of really great people over the years.

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