The tyranny of stars!

Excepts from the article:

Renowned French chef Marc Veyrat on Tuesday announced he had sued the France-based Michelin Guide after the restaurant guidebook authority demoted his La Maison des Bois in Manigod, France, from three stars to two earlier this year.

The famed chef learned in January that his restaurant was losing a star just one year after it had achieved the three-star ranking.
“I’ve been in a depression for six months. How dare you take hostage the health of cooks?” Veyrat lamented during his July interview with Le Point, during which he blamed the “amateur” nature of the Michelin reviewers.

“It scares me for the new generations to come. In fact, the only reason given was confusion over the Reblochon and Beaufort emulsion with cheddar,” he said.


So it’s not just Airbnb hosts who are loopy :rofl:

I wrote an article recently about a hotel or guesthouse or something - this is in the late 1990s - that had a guestbook for their guests to leave their comments.

One couple had left glowing comments about every aspect of their stay, they’d recommended local hostelries to future guests and were delighted with the local walks in the countryside. It was a glowing review. Five stars?

Their final comment was:

‘Our holiday was only marred by the sad death of Princess Diana, the people’s princess. So three stars’

See? You just can’t win :slight_smile:


Augh, stars! They drive everyone batty! I recently rated a restaurant 4* - all was good, but not 5* great. I reserve 5* for places that I love and can’t wait to return to and want to tell everyone about, but 4 is good, doggone it! (Not in ABB world but in the rational world…) This restaurant responded to my review with a request to call them so they could make things better AND has since emailed me (they must have guessed at my Gmail address? Little creepy…) The review system makes people nuts! And not just us amazing hosts! Lol

Whatever platform you submitted the review on maybe has your email? Did the restaurant email you directly or was it sent via the platform (Yelp, Google, Open Table, etc)

I get it. I had a lobster roll at a highly touted NYC restaurant that was entirely meh. The Maine one with the screened in porch, wooden benches, checked tablecloths, and ordering at the counter off the black board was 5 stars. NYC midtown, 3 stars. LOL.

Ah, this sounds soooo wonderful. I need a vacation and we have been looking at Maine for next year. Now, I want to go now. And sans kids/partner. :joy:

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Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound on the way to Arcadia NP on Bar Harbor Rd. I’m sure our locals here @CeeBee and @Chloe have reccs better than mine.

I see in looking at these pics that my memory failed me already. Not wooden benches and no checked tablecloth. Maybe that was at Gilbert’s Chowder House in Portland.


We were only in Bar Harbor maybe 4 days. We ate at the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound three times. I’d go back in a second if I could.

The Lobster Shack at Two Lights

Sure, it’s not a favorite among some locals. With only about four to five ounces of lobster meat per roll, and costing anywhere from $16 to 18 according to the fluctuating market price, it’s not the biggest or the least expensive lobster roll in town. You’ll be amazed, though, at just how much better a lobster roll tastes when you are sitting smack on the coast on a huge slab of granite, looking at a lighthouse, and letting the cool Atlantic ocean spray on your face. It’s a lobster shack with easily one of the most scenic “dining rooms” on the East Coast, and it’s what you imagine in your mind when you picture eating a lobster roll on a perfect Summer day in Maine.

ETA: Oh, and it’s pet-friendly!


Plenty of restaurants refuse or give back the Michelin stars.

It attracts the wrong audience or puts too much pressure on them.

Sounds familiar! 202020

How do I refuse or give back my Airbnb stars?


With AirBnB the superhost status equals the Michelin stars.

Just make sure you drop below 4.8

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LOL. You can’t. You can’t give back the Michelin ones either. However, you can close down your Airbnb and quit or start over. That’s what the chefs who “give back stars” do.

People. Weird AF.



As I have said, we are not in the hospitality business, we are in the ratings business.


Our ratings are based to some degree on performance, but also on picking the right guests.

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I do not pick my guests, I welcome everyone and hope they’re happy with THEIR choice.

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Then you are blessed. I have a homeshare, and some of the things that this forum can vouch I have put up with will peel paint. My story, and I am sticking to it! :blush:

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I am a home-share as well, and feel very lucky that I have been so fortunate with the guests I have had. I just hope I can continue saying that!!!


I lucked out in the ratings game when a guest gave me 3 stars cos my Melbourne apartment isn’t in Europe

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